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Solve.Care Launched First Staking Program to SOLVE token holders to Advance SOLVE Ecosystem to 2020

December 29, 2019 Off By TCA PR

Solve Care provides SOLVE cryptocurrency backed by Global Healthcare on Blockchain.  The platform is meant exclusively for healthcare benefits, administration, and payments.  Solve.Care rewrites how healthcare gets explained.  Users can request the storybook and get the storybook to learn how they explain health care.

On December 19, 2019, in an attempt to reduce fraud and to reduce waste in healthcare, launched their first staking program.  The program provides incentives to SOLVE token holders to enhance the SOLVE Care ecosystem for contributing to building a quality healthcare solution and rewards for doing so.  

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care stated, “By increasing the functionality and utility of the SOLVE token, we are simultaneously increasing the awareness and adoption among clinicians, dieticians, and other professionals, and we’re excited to see the Solve.Care ecosystem reaches new heights and corners of the globe.”

The community becomes the driving force contributing to global success and, therefore, gets rewarded. Using the staking model provides for assurances for advancing the SolveCare ecosystem.

Solve Care for Insurance Companies in Health Care

Solve.Care serves Insurance companies, benefit administrators, government agencies, clinical organizations, accountable care organizations, and employers.  The main purpose of the platform is to redefine how healthcare is accessed.  How healthcare can be accessed, managed, and paid is highly refined. 

Dr. David Hanekom, CEO of Arizona Care Network, stated, “Solve.Care is a true innovator in the healthcare administration and payments sector.”

With Solve from Solve. Care, there is improved access to health care.  Health care providers get paid for results on time.  The overall costs reduced.  The healthcare outcome improved.  The platform is purpose-built for health care.

SolveCare for Appointments, Referrals, Eligibility, and Enrollment

The comprehensive healthcare platform consists of Care.wallet,, care.coin, care.protocol, and care.vault.

The SolveCare wallet can fit an individual or provider’s specific needs.  The Care .coin is an intelligent programmable token used to pay providers; the protocol synchronizes wallets, cards, and coins between users. Three types of networks built on the solve network, like the benefits network, clinical network, and financial network.

Administrators make use of the network for appointments, referrals, eligibility, and enrollment and bills and payments.  Clinicians make use of the network for chronic disease management, preventive care, episodic Care, wellness checks, and quality measurement. Patients use it for an appointment, book a ride, prescription management, care circle, and claims processing.

Arizona Care Network (ACN) has been using Solve.Care and Care.Wallet for physicians.  Solve.Care has changed how physicians deliver and manage patient care.