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TRON Acquires DLive Unlock 33 billion TRX on New Year 2020

December 31, 2019 Off By Maheen Hernandez

TRON in its acquisition spree acquires DLive. Justin Sun, CEO Tron chooses to be controversial and is in the limelight for bizarre stuff in 2019.  Sun postponed lunch with Warren Buffet.  Tron unlocks 33 billion TRX on New Year 2020. Further, the Tron news twitter account has been asking their community for input about how the funds should be used.

TRON does not have a plan to use the 33 billion TRX. Tron on Twitter read: “#TRON(#TRX) 33 billion $TRX will be unlocked on January 1st, of 2020.”

TRON to dump $445 million worth TRX

The input varied from investing in partnerships, relocking funds, instituting a coin burn.   The massive coin lock according to TRON needs response from the TRON community. There were community members who opined that the funds can go towards improving Poloniex.

There were investors who felt that TRON foundation might dump $445 million worth of TRX hurting prices.

TRON acquires DLive – Further details January 15, 2020

DLive is built on Lino blockchain testnet already has a decent user base.  DLive will migrate to Tron blockchain to merge with BLive, Tron’s much smaller streaming equivalent, as part of the deal.  The streaming service currently has 3.5 million monthly visits.  There is no clear idea about how Lemon Coin, which was recently added to DLive will be affected. Further details in this regard are expected during January 15, 2020.

Justin Sun tweeted:  Starting today, “@OfficialDLive will begin the migration to the #TRON blockchain!  #BLive, the live streaming platform introduced by @BitTorrent in early 2019, will be merged into the DLive platform!  We are excited about the great future that lies ahead for #TRON Ecosystem!”

Ian Balina in response tweeted:  “A bold prediction, @justinsuntron is definitely quite the business man.”

TRON and Samsung

TRON Foundation tweet read:  “Samsung has provided support for 3 TRON-based dApps for its Galaxy s10 flagship mobile phone, as well as other devices from the manufacturer. The applications are TronLink, a fully supported wallet platform that’s available for PC and mobile, Blockchain Cuties, a blockchain-based collectibles game, and Super Player. “

Thus, TRON is getting proper exposure among smart phone users, making cryptocurrencies and blockchain more user friendly in TRON’s terms.

Vladimir Tomko tweeted,  “Hopefully next year will bring us and whole #BlockchainGaming space new heights, opportunities and start of the mass adoption.”

With the circulating supply of TRX increasing investors are waiting to see what the company has in store for their asset types.

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