Stratis Makes Building New Ventures Easier Kicking U.S. Based Token Offerings

January 1, 2020 Off By dan saada

Stratis focuses on how blockchain will be able to streamline business processes.  There are complexities in blockchain technology.  Several blockchain concepts, like reducing the requirement for trust and improving on transparency is the point of focus from the blockchain perspective.  The use cases are further broken down using effective enterprise blockchain solutions.

Chris Trew, Stratis Founder, recently announced they are getting ready to start with their U.S. based token offerings based on real-time pricing, I.D. based token issuance, wallet based platform for added security.

STRAT is the cryptocurrency of Stratis.  The token is a priceless value transferring system used in the Stratis ecosystem.

Stratis platform @stratisplatform tweeted:  “#Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries right now, and #blockchain plays an essential role in polishing it…”

Stratis Smart Contracts are in C#

The smart contracts in Stratis are in C#.  Since the platform is decentralized, each node executes its blockchain validation based on the consensus protocol of Stratis blockchain.   The smart contracts are auditable, and they are completely understandable by C# and .NET.

Stratis Sidechains are used by businesses to help with their implementation. Leading companies back the blockchain space, thereby providing for outstanding services.  Thus, Stratis can provide for the standards of the fast-paced industry. Building new ventures get more comfortable with Stratis.

Mobile Wallet

Stratis Mobile Wallet provides for transferring, receiving, and storing Stratis directly on one’s mobile device.  By simply scanning the Q.R. code, users send and receive value with a lot of ease. Multiple wallets get imported managed with due private keys.  The details get preserved with biometrics or PIN.  Copay Wallet and Bitcore services get used in the process.  These services are used by several hundreds and thousands of users to manage their cryptocurrencies.

Stratis Mobile Wallet is available for use on Android devices.

Stratis makes use of the Proof of Stake (PoS) Algorithm

STRAT token provides for trust, decentralization, security, privacy, and accessibility.  Stratis solves challenges of enterprise blockchain development for implementation across a global scale.  They focus on making blockchain easy.  Stratis provides for several products using the blockchain chain node.

The blockchain node from Stratis Full Node empowers the Stratis Blockchain Network.  It is future proof, and the Protocol is environmentally sustainable.  Stratis makes use of the Proof of Stake Algorithm. The Enterprise focused network is built using C# and .NET Core Platform.  The ProtocolProtocol is community-driven, and it is 98% similar to the Bitcoin Network Protocol.

Being Wallet ready, Stratis supports full wallets and lightweight wallets.    The opportunities for applied blockchain are endless.

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