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BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Getting better with CashFusion Protocol Integrated with Tor

January 2, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin.  Jonald Fyookball announced to the BCH community about their Cashfusion Protocol.  The Cashfusion protocol will be Tor-integrated and the work is currently underway. To transit from the alpha to beta stage, the development team should get the Tor-Integrated Cash Fusion.

Roger Ver recently stated, “BCH will be much larger than Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Cash Shuffle and Cash Fusion Protocol

Several BCH users are already using the Cash Shuffle protocol. The Cash Shuffle Protocol mixes Bitcoin Cash-based UTXOs with many other shuffling transactions in the pool.  CashFusion, the privacy enhancing tool is working behind the scenes.

Fyookball recently stated, “alpha software Cashfusion already works, and we do fusion transactions on mainnet on a daily basis.”

Axel Gembe, the programmer stated, ”I had to abandon the idea of using tor as a dynamic library due to recent glibc changes. They basically disallowed loading pie executables with dlopen, even though it works well for some situations. Now I have the build system work done (except macOS, I’ll need likely need help with that). And the plan is to use stem to control tor using the control port — It should be finished in a few weeks.”

BCH Price Trends

The BCH levels were worse in December.  However, the bulls are now targeting the $225 level.  If the $225 should occur, it will confirm a major upward rally targeting the $270 to $280 technical region.

The bias for Bitcoin cash in terms of short term is bullish and in terms of medium term it is bearish.  On the 4-hour chart a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern is seen.  The overall trend seems to target its progression towards the $280 level.  The technically important price range is at $200.

Ever since December 18, 2019, the BCH/USD pair has shown improvement from its worse level indicative of strong recovery.  It has gained over 25%

If there is a reversal from the current technical level and if the BCH sustains weakness below $170 level, there will be additional losses towards the $150 level.

Yet another news doing the rounds is that BCH is controlled by unknown miners for nearly 70% of the hash rate.  Several established mining pools have disappeared altogether.  Several other network influences are cut in half.  While no clear information about this is updated from the BCH community a look back in to past happenings might add some light to the issue. With all this happening, the market is continuing to eye a new increase in the price levels.

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