Building on EOSIO is Now Secure than Ever Before Providing Seamless User Experience

By Maheen Hernandez January 3, 2020 Off

The EOSIO provides advanced software and tools for blockchain software architecture.  EOSIO 2 has several new features, which are particularly useful to developers.  Building on EOSIO is now secure than ever before.

The WASM Engine is new and built to facilitate faster blockchain performance.  It is simpler to build using EOSIO in just a few minutes from any browser.  It supports the W3C web standard authentication protocol.  The four major components included in the EOSIO 2.0 are explained in detail in the introduction for EOSIO 2.0.

WORBLI Use Case of EOSIO 2019

WORBLI is one of the significant use cases of enterprise-grade financial infrastructure.  The technical barriers for fin-tech entrepreneurs and businesses get removed using EOSIO.  WORBLI ultimately provides for Defi.  The embedded compliance layer provides for KYC and AML services. Several enterprises are excited about DLT and cryptocurrencies.  However, most of them are overwhelmed and puzzled.

Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI, blockchain network, and financial services platform stated, “They desire to help people discover how they can use DLT daily, both professionally and personally.” He further said, “We regulate WORBLI as if we are a bank ourselves – staying up to date with regulatory changes and engaging with relevant parties as we can.”

WORBLI took to Defi because of oncoming regulatory measures.  Further, they look forward to creating a fair playing field in the current economy facilitating for anyone to participate. WORBLI, before choosing EOSOI, was pleasantly surprised by the potential of the EOSIO based chain.

EOSIO Customizable

WORBLI was able to create custom financial instruments, and they further set limits on where and when their tokens can be traded.  They state that they were able to do anything they wanted to with the platform; therefore, they are impressed by the flexibility of the platform. They continue to improve and optimize with time.

Affirmatively, the CEO further stated that they would like to attract users to the EOSIO ecosystem while working tenaciously with a no-quit attitude.

EOSIO Adoption Tweet

Anyely Lanz‏ @Anyelylanz on 29 Dec 2019 in Replying to @mBluCrypto @bytemaster7 stated, “Educate the people of Haiti or another country to achieve the adoption of blockchain technology, create a network of companies (manufacturers and vendors) that accepts EOS, which guarantees the transparency of the process and allows sustainable and independent development #EOSIO.”

The overall cryptocurrency market is struggling.  The price of EOS is down by 5%, and it has now broken past the $2.500 support area.