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Ethereum Classic Facilitates New Decentralized Paradigm Which Moves Wealth Back to Owners Hands

January 5, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

Bob Summer will, Executive Director of Ethereum Classic at the end of the past year, stated that the Ethereum Community is not any longer fighting within itself. He also noted that the whole ecosystem is growing up.

There is an increase in geopolitical concerns, and the overall crypto sentiments are becoming positive.  The price of the Ethereum Classic increased by 7%.  The price of the Ethereum Classic is currently at $4.64.

Ethereum Classic continues to focus on building unstoppable applications.  The Ethereum Classic Ecosystem has ETC, which consists of the cryptocurrency ETC, a blockchain ledger, and an ecosystem of apps.

Ethereum Classic Executive Director Affirms ETC Participation in Parity DAO

Bob Summerwill tweeted:  “So Parity-Ethereum just moved past 50% of in-consensus ETC nodes” Further tweeted, “ETC Loves Parity. And it looks like that will likely go to about 75% of the network after Agharta as Geth Classic heads into retirement.”

In turn, James C. Johnson, Co-founder of Oaken Innovations, replied interrogating thus:  “Will ETC actively participate in the Parity DAO since this is becoming the network?”

In reply, Bob Summerwill stated, “I am sure some ecosystem participants would engage in OpenEthereum unconditionally, yes. For myself and @ETCCooperative, as I have already stated, I think it would be a horrific error NOT to relicense to Apache 2.0 before starting the DAO.”

Further added, “There is no legal precedent for change of licensing of software controlled by a DAO. It would be trivial for Parity to fork Parity-Ethereum to remove the commercial monopoly they have on the code and to flip to Apache 2.0.”

Summerwill eventually clarifying stated, “If the only route forward is OpenEthereum with GPLv3 with a DAO for governance, I think that will inevitability lead to the death of the codebase. Just as blocking of relicensing of cpp-ethereum led to the effective death of that codebase.”

Ethereum Classic Parity Node Operators to Upgrade As Well

Because some of the Parity Ethereum nodes are not synchronizing, Ethereum Cooperative required, “Ethereum Classic Parity node operators to upgrade as well.” This is probably due to a suspicion of an attack.

By January 12, 2020, nodes were required to upgrade their nodes for Agharta tweeting, “URGENT – Time to upgrade your ETC nodes for Agharta (~ January 12, 2020)!”

The real-time tracking for network update progress is available from

ETC continues to “Move slowly, deliberately, and diligently, sort of like a turtle.”

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