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ChainLink CEO plays A Heavy Jumper Game about the Chainlink Project

January 5, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

ChainLink was able to find support at $1.50.  There was a triangle breakdown on the daily chart. If the bearish pressure increases, support at $15 will break.  Though the token is establishing a short-term bullish pattern on the hourly chart with the formation of the inverse head and shoulder pattern.  In the long-term, the bearish bias continues to be dominant.

ChainLink is a 2-year-old protocol with price data feeds, privacy enhancements, and new partnerships brewing in the works. 

Sergey Nazarov previously stated, “There’s one big thing holding back corporate adoption of blockchain technology: reliable oracle services that connect blockchain systems to real-world events, and vice versa.”

According to the ChainLink CEO, the next leap forward in terms of blockchain-based contracts is the pegging of contracts to real-world events reliably and securely.

Jumper Game on ChainLink Project

On a lighter note, the ChainLink CEO on January 04, 2020, tweeted:  “I’ve played pc games on and off my whole life, they’ve always helped me step back and gain perspective, almost like a modern form of meditation. Never thought I’d be playing a game of myself though;, it’s truly special, thanks @PureNukage for making this.”

Something special about this game is “Play as the CEO of, Sergey Nazarov, and avoid an array of obstacles on your quest to have blockchains, oracles, and smart contracts adopted by the world.”  “It is an inside-joke, obscure, reference heavy jumper game about the Chainlink project.”

The screen also states:  “Dedicated to the linkmarines of the great bear market of 2018, never forget.”

Ampleforth and ChainLink Oracles

Ampleforth is the first monetary asset that makes use of Chainlink Oracles to aggregate off-chain pricing data for their network.

Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink, stated, “Ampleforth represents a unique innovation in monetary assets. We’re excited to help keep the Ampleforth protocol operating securely by connecting their on-chain contracts with critical off-chain market data. This integration shows how smart contracts pegged to real-world data feeds can revolutionize the way we create and use monetary instruments.”

Ampleforth is tapping into the ChainLink Network Potential by using it as a source for price and CPI information improving on the elastic supply protocol.  Thereby improving on price discovery and thereby decentralizing the asset. ChainLink helps establish a reliable connection to external data that is probably secure end-to-end. Thus, providing for smart contracts which are involved and externally aware.

ChainLink works with Swift, Google, Gartner, and IC3.  This means the company puts in cutting edge security research into practice.

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