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Holochain is a more Human Internet HOT Price will Increase

January 6, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Holochain HOT currency has been trading at 0.2% versus the USD over the past 24 hour period.

Holochain tweeted:  “Happy New Year 2020.  Let’s greet this year with clarity and vision! Check out our Weekly Roundup packed with the latest gossip and news from Holo & Holochain.”

Those who are looking to understand the core concept of HoloChain know that “#Holochain is a development framework and networking protocol that allows you to create truly peer-to-peer applications.” However, many are not sure about what it means?

Holochain permits creating indeed serverless applications, which have a high level of reliability, security, and performance.  The users run the app on their device, store data, and can communicate with other users directly.

Holochain Provides for Intrinsic Data Integrity

Holochain maters because it is different from centralized architectures.  It starts with users and not servers.  Users are the primary system component.  They use the perspective known as agent-centric computing.  Each user runs their copy of the backend code.  This code controls their identity.  Eventually, stores their own private and public data.  Thus, in the encrypted peer-to-peer network, users find each other and communicate with each other.

Since every user in the network has the rules of the game in a copy of their code, there is a guarantee for data integrity. Every user will be able to verify if their peer user is following the rules correctly.  Further, cryptographic proofs of tamper resistance and proofs of authorship are available.  New users would do well understanding what, why, and for whom Holochain is. 

HoloChain Arthur Brock Tweet

Arthur Brock tweeted:  “What we’re seeing. Most are succeeding in getting devices registered on the hosting network. Some reported new bugs, so we’ve deployed OS updates in the past days to fix them. Please report any problems in our hosting forum. https://forum.holo.host (need invitation)”

He further stated, “We’ll activate HoloPort Admin logins in a few days. We’re stabilizing some things on the other side of that door. For now, what you want: 1. Device auto-updates 2. Register itself on host network VPN 3. SSL certs & DNS work for you to reach it securely.”

The current upgrade is a huge development on the project.  And, the community is sure that Holo will gain popularity, HOT demand will increase, the HOT price will increase, and they are all positive that only a select few will be able to avail the cheap profit.

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