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Ontology Foundation Bonus Rules Will Be Updated From Feb 2020

January 7, 2020 Off By dan saada

Ontology is business-ready, and trust redefined using a high-performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform.  The key issues of identity security and data security are enabled.  The site creates the assurance that users can trust each other.

Jun Li, Co-founder at Onchain and Founder at Ontology in the past, introduced the core meaning of “Trust Redefined” and further explained the technology in detail. Further stating, “the Ontology trust network framework enables multi-dimensional decentralized trust, including technical, legal and social trust. To address the issues above, we hereby present our new vision —— “TRUST Redefined.

The ONT ID provides for multi-dimensional authentication approved by global verifiers.  ONTO helps take complete control of digital identity and data.  DDXF tokenizes valuable data and provides data traceability and cross-system data processing.

Ontology tweeted:  “Notice(1/2): The Ontology Foundation bonus rules will be updated from Feb 2020. Bonus rules for Dec 2019 and Jan 2020 will remain unchanged. With this update, the nodes bonuses will be more balanced, and nodes with better services & ratios shall receive more staking from users.” Further, “Notice (2/2): The proposed new rules are: 1)Based on the total effective ONT amounts, ONG rewards will be shared evenly amongst each staked ONT. 2)The bonus will be distributed to the top 49 nodes, and nodes will share the rewards to their stakers according to the ratio they set.”

Ontology Klein Bottle Challenge

The ontology ecosystem is strengthened by the infrastructure, extension, and development frameworks.

Ontology Klein Bottle Challenge facilitates the submission of the minimum valuable project for launch on the testnet.  The company provides support from the incubation level for Web App developers.  Developers need to submit the project fulfilling the evaluation criteria to proceed any further. 

The development center provides details about every nitty-gritty detail about Ontology.  Ontology is Open Source on the GitHub.  Developers are forever welcomed to join the technical community.

The Ontology Technical Bounty Program

There are different missions to gain rewards.  Participants are welcome to submit a Bounty idea under “Your Bounty Idea.” And there are several other programs for which participants can place claims. Those who have been selected for the bounty program will be getting an e-mail, which tells about whether a participant is selected or not.  Selection is based on the claimants fulfilling the high-level requirements.  The bounty owner evaluates the development work in compliance with test framework standards on a case-to-case basis.

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