XRP Pump Dump Presume Assume Price Action Suspicion without Valid Facts and Evidence are Just Assumptions

By Steven Anderson January 9, 2020 Off
xrp pump

Insider trading is the process where the insiders in the company are looking to take advantage of the confidential information related to the trading process.  Insider trading allegations have been filed on several companies before, and the SEC has taken due action.

In many cases, the identities of insider traders are kept confidential.  The sooner, the commission discovers the identities of the person, the defendants are names, and the allegations get further tried; case dismissed if sufficient evidence is not available.

So, concerning the recent criticisms about XRP price action in the Binance Futures Trading platform versus Litecoin requires valid facts and evidence.

XRP and Litecoin High Suspicion

The XRP and Litecoin comparison and the suspicion around price action are due to the timing, size, prior history, and the nature of the price action. Considering the circumstances of the transactions and the individual portfolios of XRP and Litecoin, XRP got noted to pop up in several exchanges over the past few months.

The plurality of exchange listings vouches for the high activity level of XRP, which is a high-profile and high-leverage derivative that attracts more speculators.

With the natural portfolio of XRP being naturally attractive for decent price action, investors have their reason to identify the smart action among the many parameters.  For instance, just before 4 hours of Binance revealing the XRP perpetual swaps to the public, the spot price of XRP spiked!

Ripple Dumping XRP Tokens Back to Escrow Wallet

Just a day before this event, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, stated, “Ripple can’t control the price of XRP any more than the whales can control the price of Bitcoin.”

Ripple has a previous history of being named for dumping the XRP tokens on their investors during their Escrow releases.  The transactions release nearly one billion XRP in a month. The company had a pattern of releasing chunks of XRP back into their Escrow Wallet.

The periodic releases were called dumps by the XRP community and are considered a classic example of insider trading!

Logically, the routing of money to the XRP pair in the Futures Trading Platform contributing to the spikes might probably be the significant chunks of crypto that were back to the Escrow Wallet. We are not sure, but the “ifs” and “buts” are prominent in this case, and there is enough reason to call for suspicion.

There is nothing illegal about money going back to Escrow Wallet and the money routed to another Purchase in the Futures Derivatives Exchange, as everything has occurred visibly, and there is nothing hidden about the transaction.  The whole chunk of suspicion is on the “Intent of releasing the XRP.”  The intent people believe: It is related to some knowledge of confidential information.  Too deep to dig in, though!

Everything is white price action, however, among many other things investors presume, assume, derive logics – Suspect Price Action! Freedom of Though anyone can suspect anything! 

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