Altcoins News

KATANA Simplifying Yield Generation and Asset Management On Solana (SOL) Blockchain

Katana Expressed:  Katana is an asset management protocol on Solana, enabling users to passively earn the b...

Altcoins News

Solana (SOL) IGNITION Global Hackathon Coming to an End

The IGNITION Global Hackathon is almost coming to an end.   When asked what projects you are watching? F...

Altcoins News

Solana (SOL) Is Massively Parallel Allowing People to Build For the Future

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital stated, one huge way is parallelization.  Modern graphic...


Solana (SOL) Community Discusses Data Democratization Web1 Web2 Web3 and More

Someone who tried to simplify Web 3 expressed, Linux is a Personal Computer without the Microsoft tax. Web3...

DeFi & NFT

Launch NFTs from Your Own Branded Storefront Using Metaplex Strategic Partner of Solana Labs

Metaplex capacitates Launching NFTs from your own branded storefront.  There are more than 2k+ teams using ...

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