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Will CUBA Fight Persecution, Suffocation, and Immobilization With Cryptocurrency Recognition?

For reasons related to socioeconomic interest, CUBA will recognize and regulate cryptocurrencies like Bitco...


Ripple XRP Recap: The SEC vs Ripple and Why It Might Be a Good Time to Buy

Ripple’s XRP has experienced a significant pullback after peaking at $1.35 during the latest crypto bull ru...


SEC Vs. Ripple (XRP) Doctrine of Stare Decisis and Precedent for Cryptocurrency Space

Anyone investing into XRP should know about the Ripple Law Suit.  The high profile Lawsuit came into being ...


Draconian Tax Requirements Might Hit Bitcoin (BTC) and Other Cryptocurrencies

Imagine if the US government did impose draconian tax requirements on internet providers and startups in 19...


Congress Thinks Cryptocurrency Is Full Of Tax Evaders

Jake Chervinsky:  What does crypto have to do with infrastructure, you may ask? The bill has to...

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