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This digital asset exchange platform is owned and operated by DigiFinex Limited, funded last 2017 by the existing CEO, Mr. Ned Kee. They are part of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. They are a serious player on crypto space, which gives services into the crypto community via not less than 123 markets. It rapidly rises in the ranks. This was primarily designed to serve Asian Market. They use state-of-the-art technologies containing exemplary technology architecture and a US SEC level audit system. They also have their own token, called DigiFinex token.

DigiFinex stands for Digital Asset Financial Exchange, which is a popular Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. Their headquarter is located in Singapore. This is a platform designed for the Asian market, but the English language is still supported by the website. It is currently occupying a position on the CMC by trading volume. Users can exchange the Chinese Yuan (CNY) to USD Tether (USDT). Citizens from the US and Singapore do not have the privilege to open an account on this platform.

This was rather an unknown exchange; still, they are a serious player in the crypto space, which services the crypto community with no less than 123 markets. It rose in ranks so quickly, rising to be second to Binance. This platform is funded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. The platform provides many advantages. 100+ cryptocurrency trading pairs are available for active trading. It earmarks the market info through transparency.

They have a special priority for security. DigiFinex keeps the customer’s deposits safe, and through the use of scalable HDM or what you call the offline cold and multi-layer hot wallet and a special exchange service solutions, they can create a stable trading environment. Depositing is free while withdrawals have fees depending on what currency you will use. Fees for maker and taker are different. There are two classified account types in this platform namely, general and VIP.

DigiFinex’s trading platform is pretty much simple and so straightforward. But of course, there are some things that the users still need advice about so you could do everything right. They have a scheme of which you can get discounts after a referral of the platform to your colleagues. You will definitely enjoy the benefits if you achieved what is asked for that scheme.

If you have a VIP account on DigiFinex, then you are entitled to such beautiful benefits. Account Status Symbol will be provided by the platform. In a VIP account, you can express deposit or withdrawal. With this account, the withdrawal limit is increased. If you are a VIP, you can enjoy having a Personal Account Manager and Personal Investment Consultant. There are providing a trading benefit just for you which are the International OTC Service and Historical Market Data.

Extra gifts that are given to VIPs are, exclusive offline events and welcome gift or a personalized gift. VIP really feels the luxurious benefits of the DigiFinex Exchange.

DigiFinex Cash (DFC) is a cryptocurrency token that was issued on the Ethereum platform. This has a maximum supply of 2.1 Billion coins. They have a Privacy Policy where all the collected, used, and maintained data are being protected from the website or the mobile application. All data collected are being verified and authenticated by the platform. They are also using Web Browser Cookies to enhance every user’s experience. “Cookies are small text files that will be placed on your web browser to keep records about your preferences. After that, such information is being stored in an encrypted form without storing your personal data or information. Your personal information is being stored securely and is not shared with others without any form of consent from you.

As a user of the platform, you are entitled to the following rights. You have the right to access information, you can request rectification or erasure of your personal data, you can restrict personal data, you also have the right to withdraw, object and change the privacy policy. You can start registering to enjoy those benefits from DigiFinex Exchange. If you want to trade using cryptocurrency, choose the best account they offer for you.

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