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OKEx is the second biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. OKEx is designed for those traders that are experienced, not for those beginners, because it would be a little complex for them. This was founded last 2014, located in China. But this was relocated to a safer regulatory Haven in Malta which is for those cryptocurrency exchanges company. They are conservative with those people that could use their services might have adapted it from China’s stringent regulation. Customers from the USA, Hong Kong, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Malaysia and many more countries are currently prohibited from trading in this platform.

 The platform’s exchange have almost 400 trading pairs. They are also offering a fist fiat gateway.  They also have a special offering which is called “Favorites,” it lets the customers mark the tokens that they wanted because it caught their interest. This platform has a future trading; the agreement have a predetermined price at a specific date in the future. Futures trading is a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) which is a derivative trading service and platform that OKEx designed. The VFAs of these platforms include LTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, BTC and others that are approved by the exchanges.

OKEx have its token, which is called the OKB token. It is referred to as a native token of this exchange. With a total supply of 1 billion and there are currently 300 million on circulation. It is used as an incentive for investors to use OKEx exchange, offering them service fee rebates depends on the amount of OKB they have. Takers and makers are charged fair and square with 0.1% for all the crypto trading pairs. Currently, there is no fee structure for fiat trading. 0.015% is the charge for Futures Trading for both the maker, taker, and settlement fee for BTC in particular. But with others such as ETC, ETH, LTC there are a varied fies.  For the maker, the fee is 0.025%, while for takers fee is 0.075%, and for a settlement, the fee is 0.05%.

IEO platform was recently launched on OKEx. This platform was called Jumpstart, which offers the token sale of BLOC. It was stated that a 500 million BLOC tokens have been sold out for less than a second on one specific date before. They acquire an extremely large number of the reported daily trading volume.

The international headquarter of OKEx is located in Beijing, China. Since it is based in China, it probably caters to the cryptocurrency exchanging and trading needs of the Chinese people. This cryptocurrency exchange complies with the law of China. All cryptocurrencies in this platform are simply and surely are secured. There is another branch of this platform which is located in Hong Kong. The second branch was built for other users from different parts of the world.  

OKEx is great for new users of cryptocurrency exchange. Investors get easily used to the interface of the platform since it does not take minutes to do the trading. This user-friendly exchange platform does not have a substantial limitations. This is very ideal for those who are high rollers and professional investors. With its benefits, this platform gains so many investors and makers or traders from different parts of the world. Even with its conservative regulations, it still functions similarly like the other cryptocurrency exchange companies which belong to the top-ranked company in this kind of industry.

Investors can trade up to 1,000 without the need to have their accounts verified. Excellent opportunities await for the new users of the cryptocurrency exchange. This will probably help them with future trades and exchange they will do. This platform is a secured multi-cryptocurrency platform. LTC and BTC features are provided. They are using cold storage to make sure that the security of funds is enhanced. They have a bank-level SSL encryption. Even with new investors, these platforms provide a high quality liquidity for the best security it could offer.

You will need to register on the platform to use the trading and exchange of all available cryptocurrencies there is. There are no demos or an anonymous account on this platform. They want real identity to avoid scamming, phishing, and fraud. They want everything real, for they offer a real deal.

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