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Cointiger was launched last December 2017 in Singapore. CoinTiger has a website that is available in English, Russian, Tieng Viet, Korean, and “simplified Chinese” so you could still trade-in here. They are offering trading for a numerous different trading pairs with a very competitive fees. There are more than 1.8 million users of this platform.

Those users come from a large scale of about 40+ different countries without limiting on Asia. Instead, there are still in North America, Europe, and Africa. There are 89 various cryptocurrencies and also 150+ trading pairs that are being offered by the exchange. This platform can work available on your mobile device if you prefer having a mobile application.

The exchange holds an impressive trading volume; as an example there 5.45 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies that had been traded on this platform. With its daily period, they traded up to USD 894 million and with its 7 days basis, they had traded mostly USD 6.36 billion and USD 35.78 billion for about 30 days. That trading volume number had really skyrocketed. Liquidity is not an issue for Cointiger. US-Investors are not prohibited from trading on this exchange.

Since this platform was launched, CoinTiger had been committed to BitShares’ ecosystem’s development. In terms of BitCNY trading volume, the exchange has grown into the largest exchange there is. Because of that new users had embraced this platform. CoinTiger specializes in the blockchain equity investment and they had invested in first-tier projects, including RSK, Mytoken, and other more, considered its own ecosystem which was established last April 2018.

There are a well-known projects like BCG, TCT, and MockingBot that are being incubated in CoinTiger’s Labs. The fees for takers and makers in this platform are different, whereas takers are paying 0.15% while makers are paying 0.08%. Actually, makers are receiving a discount on trading fees of almost 50%. Those rates are considerably competitive since the global trading fee is around 0.25%.

The charge for withdrawal is rather low which is 0.0005 BTC when you withdraw BTC. That rate is considered a competitive rate in the global perspective or even only with a Singaporean perspective. It is a very nice offer of this exchange since other cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Singapore are mostly charging a higher withdrawal fee.

CoinTigers lets you purchase your first cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, say for instance, CNY or USD because they are an “entry-level exchange”. You can both use credit or debit cards and wire transfer deposits. That will be helpful for you if you are new to the cryptocurrency exchange. This will attract new investors for CoinTiger.

Cointiger uses numerous security measures to make sure that all cryptocurrencies are safe in their hands. They are partnered in a smart contract, those partners include KNOWNSEC.COM, Chaitin Tech, Lianan.org, SECBIT, and John Wick security Lab. These measures are designed so that it could protect all the crypto assets of their users in this exchange. The security provided by CoinTiger is through the two-factor authentication (2FA). It is helpful since it assures that the owner of the account will only be the one to access their own accounts.

This exchange comes now on a mobile app that is available both on iOS and Android phones. The first crypto exchange that introduced an equity mechanism using its native token the TigerCash token (TCH), is CoinTiger. It was reported that the platform allotted 50% of its FY2018 annual net profit for all the holders TCH within a ratio of 100 TCHs:0.554 BitCNY last March, the year 2019. CoinTiger now has an ecosystem which binds exchange services, web, iOS, and Android Application.

The platform is reported to have offered users from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada with a crypto-fiat exchange service. They were able to cash out from their local bank accounts US Dollars using the platform. If you are not withdrawing an amount that is more than the limited withdrawal amount or even if you want to trade in fiat you do not necessarily need KYC.

It is optional if you are only to withdraw less than 2BTCs and you are to trade in fiat. Market Information and Trading via API is available here in CoinTiger. This platform offers you a great deal, you can think about opening an account here and enjoy all of the benefits.

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