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Huobi is catering to Asian audiences. They started operating the year 2013, Leon Li was the founder. Huobi now offers global crypto-exchange. It is a major offering of Huobi which is a platform to trade cryptocurrency. They have their own token called Huobi Token or HT. Huobi token is somewhat like a utility token. To offer free discounts, competitions, certain matters votation and other more, the platform promotes using Huobi Token. Huobi’s User Experience is not perfect but is indeed exceptional.

Huobi Global Exchange have a broad support for many altcoins and also on a largely variation of stablecoins where it also has its own invention, which is called the HUSD, a USD-backed stablecoin.  The performance of the platform is to leverage.

Huobi provides extensive blockchain services. The blockchain technology is connected to the real world. In May 2018, they established the Huobi Labs so that the blockchain projects are supported at an early stage. They have Huobi Capital considered as an investment fund that is used for a blockchain industry. There is also this what is called the Huobi pro. It was ranked 5 of the largest digital assets trading platforms. It generated a daily profit of 6 million USD, which had caused it to exceed its 24-hour trading volume of  617 million USD. Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange or the HADAX is mainly a first decentralized exchange supporting autonomous token listing mechanism. Since November 2017, Huobi’s OTC or over the counter has already been launching.

  A feature designed as a digital currency exchange in which more than 190 cryptocurrencies pairs are being allowed for users’ tradings, called the Huobi Pro. It features the ability to deposit and even exchange dozens of various currencies with 0.02% trading fees and have a customer service for 24/7. Fiat currencies are not used in this platform. ABT, BTC, CMT, ETH, HT, LTC, PAI, ETH, BCH, XRP, DASH, IOST, EOS, TRX, OCN, ONT, ELF, ELA, and other more.

Huobi Pro is in service globally for about 130 countries. You can use cryptocurrency transfer if you are going to deposit funds in your Huobi pro trading account. But before doing so, you should always check if the currency you will be trading is supported by this platform. Maker fees and Taker fees are the same which is 0.02%. Nevertheless, if you have the VIP membership, you can access their discounted platform fees. You can reach the VIP membership level by using Huobi token to purchase it.

Payment is not necessary during depositing, but payment is needed when you withdraw. There is a limit on how much you should withdraw but it depends on what currency you will be using. If you are to withdraw you should be already decided on what currency you choose to trade and after that, know the limit you only have for that particular currency.

If you are to sign in on Huobi pro, you need your email address to sign up. Or if you want, you can also link and confirm verify your phone number, then you need a 2-factor authentication by using the Google authenticator. A passport-sized photo of you is also needed for your account to be fully verified.

They offer an anti-DDOS protection system and a decentralized structure. Over 98% of the digital’s assets are stored in multi-signature cold wallets. The customer support of Huobi Pro can be access via messaging or live chat. Online Help Center is also present at times you want to know something. Inquiries can be asked through messaging, calling, and if necessary video chat. It is not impossible to have a chat with anyone who wants an answer through the use of any social media platforms.

Huobi Global had been able to build a progressive exchange platform. The reputations steadily increase and they had proven their selves that they can. They absolutely deserve a high-score for the extreme-competitive exchange landscape. They’ve constantly been improving to gain something that every company would want to achieve. It is definitely hard maintaining the reputation with so many competitions out there that also strives really hard to become one of the best and be on top of the rank.

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