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The Bitcoin news in this section will help you with what to expect in the now, tomorrow and the day after.  You will learn what moves the market.

Bitcoin News

Is Bitcoin (BTC) The Real Good Luck When It Come to Escaping Inflation

The coming of a new Covid Variant has pushed Bitcoin and several risky assets to the bear market.  When the...

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Trends See Lower ROI Per Cycle and About Bull Trap

It appears that Bitcoin is seeing a lengthening of cycles due to a growing market cap, which in turn leads ...

Bitcoin News

The $1 Billion Bitcoin (BTC) City Proposal from President Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, recently announced that the country will be building a carbon-n...

Bitcoin News

Every Currency is Hyperinflating Against Bitcoin (BTC)

Asset markets have been getting utterly juiced by the cash injections. Many feel that bitcoin and other cry...

Bitcoin News

Why People Run in to Cryptocurrencies BTC ETH ADA And Many Others?

There are different reasons for why people run in to cryptocurrencies whether major cryptocurrencies or min...

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