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BW.com Exchange is a platform that was launched in 2017. It is a platform with an impressive liquidity and maintains its reputation of being one of the top 10 in terms of its daily or 24 hours trading volume. B means Bit, which is the smallest unit there is in the information world. Considered as one of the blockchain technology and digital assets representation, having the most notable currency called, Bitcoin.

W comes having 2 definitions, first is “World,” which represents BW’s vision in creating a varied and self-governing group through its production, which appreciates and circulates the digital assets of the exchange. The second meaning of W is “Wealth,” a representation of BW’s wish to share the development achievements via this platform’s users and investors through an innovative model of the business, global communities’ participation, and leading technologies.

The interpretation of BW is mostly as a “cryptocurrency network”. In the global domain BW.COM which have millions of users and providing a huge mining pool services of the mainstream of these currencies just like ETH, LTC, BTC, and other more, they had possessed one of the top-level position. Almost 300, 000 Bitcoins, 2 million Ethereums, and 1.5 million Litecoins were produced in BW mining pool.

More than 3 billion US dollars had become the total value they reached. There is more than 1 million Us Dollar that are being recorded for the daily output of various digital currencies, it comes from a self-operated mining machines. The cryptocurrency exchange that is highly based on mining pool and the first POS mining community worldwide is the BW.COM.

BW.Com belongs to the faction of newly arose decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This was first an online mining pool, but it shifted to cryptocurrency trading after CollinStar Capital acquired it. It is known as the crypto asset management firm that is claiming to be one of the biggest in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the shifting done by BW it still maintains the operation on the mining pool. BW.com supports 51 cryptocurrencies and offers up to 117 trading pairs currently, but this platform does not support fiat currencies. Take note, BW is not accepting US-investors, so basically you won’t see or know any US citizen on the lists of investors of BW.

The platform also has its native token called BWB which is compliant with the ERC-20 standard. It has an expansive scope of application which you can be granted of a right to acquire dividends, carrying out election supervision, be part of decision making and revenue distribution, and most especially use this as a trading vehicle. The platform charges 0.1% for takers and makers which imposes a flat fee. The withdrawal fee, on the other hand, constitutes 0.001 BTC for Withdrawal of BitCoins. This exchange runs a Market Maker program which relieves users from trading fees. The platform supports mobile application, and it is available for both android and iphones.

There will be no issues that can be found on BW. Their trading fees are reasonable comparing to other platforms. You can use BWB tokens in many ways there is. They are also operating attractive schemes that work being in favor of BWB holders and the contributors. Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading was recently introduced in the platform which probably will draw institutional investors. BW already has its Launchpad that already hosted some successful IEOs.

Now ZB gives its full technical support to BW. With more than 5 years of experience in security management and operation management of trading platforms, ZB is one of the world’s biggest digital asset exchanges. BW and ZB have formed a core strategic alliance.  

BWB has a total supply of 1 billion and will never have an additional issuance ever. “Synchronous release of POS mining” is the mechanism that distributes the BWB. 51% of BWB is allotted for community users, while the remaining 49% will be used for the targeted distributions. When you are a user of this platform, you will have those benefits are stated above, and you will definitely have a nice trading and exchange experience on cryptocurrencies. Make good decisions and choose the best option for you. Remember to check or review everything you would like to try before doing so. With that, you will never have to regret what decision you had made.

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