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Altcoins News

With Football and Floki Inu Popping 2-3 million and 5 million Holders Very Soon

Floki Inu is all set to come up with a metaverse in February 2022.  The team are very confident that their ...

Altcoins News

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Towards a Historical Day

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, Stellar Development Foundation recently expressed:  At tomorrow’...

Bitcoin News

Soon We Will be Under the Bitcoin Standard the Digital Fire Power

Peter Schiff expressed: The America that exists today is nothing like the America of 80 years ago, when the...

Altcoins News

End Game Published for Ethereum 2.0 Cardano Talks About ERC20 Convertor Sarcastic

It is well known that Ethereum Network is working on an upgrade to bring in major changes like Proof of Sta...

Altcoins News

Update About the ERC20 Convertor from Cardano (ADA)

There is an update about the ERC20 Convertor from Cardano (ADA) IOHK expressed: “A public Testnet is ava...

Bitcoin News

CEO of Goldman Sachs Does Not Think Bitcoin (BTC) Is Really the Key Thing

Michael Saylor Expressed: Retail & institutional investors understand the challenges that equities face...

Bitcoin News

Peter Schiff is the biggest buy Signal for Bitcoin (BTC) Ever

Peter Schiff interrogated: How long before investors realize that even if the Fed follows through with its ...

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin is Engineered to be Invulnerable And Thus Everlasting

Michael Saylor Shared: "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, a...

Bitcoin News

Wait Till Americans Get Pushed Over the Edge and Go Full Bitcoin (BTC)

Dan Held Shared: This blows my mind. 25%! “1 in 4 Americans with over 10,000 dollars in invest able asse...

Bitcoin News

Explain How Bitcoin (BTC) is a better Store of Value than Gold?

Peter Schiff Interrogated: Explain how Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold. Bitcoin is currently t...

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin (BTC) Dumpiest before Pumpiest

Dan Held Expressed: The price of Bitcoin may have fallen, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. Com...

Altcoins News

Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain Hackathon in Turkey in Turkish

Emin Gun Sirer shared: Just wrapped up the very first blockchain hackathon in Turkey. Spoke individually wi...

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