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Mining a Zcash is considered by many as one of the best options to create money with the use of GPU. Nvidia GPU is the only thing that you will need to start mining Zcash. In this post, I am going to give you brief information and an explanation about Mining Zcash generally. Aside from that, I am also going to provide you with the steps and tricks to start mining Zcash. Do you want to know more about it? Just keep on reading and enjoy it!

But before we go through to the steps on how to mine Zcash, it is important for you to learn about what Zcash is all about.

The difference of Zcash from Bitcoin

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that makes use of various hashing algorithms which is known as Equihash compared to Bitcoin. This hashing algorithm makes Zcash compatible with the different mining hardware (ASICs) that was also established by Bitcoin mining. Equihash was established to fight the Zcash-mining ASICs development, but rather, it is more ideal to use for GPU mining.

Zcash is also different compared to Bitcoin since it features an enabled privacy protocol that is known to be zk-SNARKS. This zk-SNARKS was constructed to make Zcash as the number one privacy-based cryptocurrency that you can see on the market. Monero and Dash are some of the privacy coins that Zcash is competing with.

Lastly, Zcash also comes up with a .5 minute of block time than the 10-minute blocks of Bitcoin. Zcash also makes a 10-coin block reward in every block that was being solved.

Reasons Why You Should Mine Zcash

The following are some of the reliable reasons that you might consider in mining Zcash. Read on to know each;

  • Zcash was operated for BTC or BitCoins. Thus, it can be your inexpensive technique to build up slowly a holding position that you can get from BitCoin.
  • Because Bitcoin or BTC can be exchanged into cash easily, Zcash mining can be one of your best techniques to save cash or fill up your bank account indirectly and easily.
  • We cannot deny the fact that mining is an inexpensive entry ticket that you can use for Zcash markets. It is being loved and popularized by many traders since it has a higher level of volatility. If you are one of the lucky and/or good traders out there, you might consider mining Zcash to improve your income.
  • From the time that Zcash was launched on the market, it was immediately included in the list of the highest-priced altcoins that you can see on the market. It only peaks for more than 400 US Dollars way back in June 2017.
  • Mining is also considered by many as the best way to subsidizing the demand of the high-quality GPU.
  • Lastly, making a big and strong Zcash position with the help of mining will enable you to have an advantage when it comes to the future price appreciation with lesser danger than you had been experienced by just purchasing this Zcash.

Steps to Mine Zcash

Install Video Card drivers

In installing the video card drivers, you might choose between AMD and Nvidia, varying upon the GPU card that you possess. 

If you choose Nvidia, click this link https://www.geforce.com/drivers. However, if you prefer using AMD, just click this link amd.com.

Get the ZcashWallet Address

Before you set up your own miner, you are required to have a Zcash wallet address. This is important because the coins that you will mine requires an address where it can be sent. There are various choices that you can choose from. But in this post, we recommend you to use this hardware wallet.

Download the EWBF Zcash Miner

The third step will ask you to download the EWBF Zcash Miner. Keep in mind that you have downloaded some self-contaminated miners, the platform you will use might provide you a warning signal. But, if you have downloaded the official download link of EWBF, you can ensure that there will be no problem occurs.

Tweak Windows Settings

Before you get ready and start mining Zcash, there are various settings that must be modified. It is because you always want to avoid your PC, computer, or laptop from turning into its sleep mode since it will just disrupt your Zcash mining. To do so, click to your Windows Power Settings and turn the Turn Off/Sleep mode to “Never.”

Join a Mining Pool

At this time, you can now start configuring your miner. Remember that you are also allowed to make your miner to mine solo. On the other hand, it might not require you to create Zcash, not unless if you already have FPU’s warehouse.

Start Now!

To start, double-tap the file. After that, the miner will begin and make sure that you initialize and hash away all your GPUs

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