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During the earlier Ethereum days, a hacker stole about $50 million worth of ether in just one night, and the hacker almost got away with what he stole. This scenario has somewhat triggered the occurrence of ideological battle. Such fallout divided the Ethereum communities and quivered the community of cryptocurrency as well.

Would it be that the community will still adhere to a principle stating that the code is law in case of hardened smart contracts running the ecosystem, or perhaps will they set an exception to spare the inexperienced community and let the stolen ether be back on its rightful owners?

Debates ended in hard fork, and results triggered the Ethereum blockchain to splinter off and taking most of the whole community along and leave behind all-important original codes and separate communities. The transactions are reversed by the fork, and stolen funds are returned back to the right and original account.  However, those individuals that adhere to their code of law ethos tend to remain with original core code, which is known these days as Ethereum Classic or ETC.

What’s Ethereum Classic Really?

The price of ETC is said to be correlated with the entire cryptocurrency market. This simply indicates that value of certain larger assets goes down or goes up so as the price of the Ethereum classic. Currently, price of ETC trade at less than 10% than the price of Ethereum through both their prices is moving independently.

Ethereum Classic is a public and open-source blockchain-based and distributed computing platform. ETC features scripting functionality or also known as smart contract. Ethereum Classic provides decentralized and advanced Turing Complete Virtual Machine, EVM machine performing scripts with the use of public noded international network.

Both Ethereum and ETH include value token known as “ether” that can be transferred among the participants kept in the cryptocurrency wallet. This is also utilized in paying participant nodes for the computations which have been carried out in Ethereum platform. Classic Ethereum token is also being traded on crypto transactions and currency exchanges under ETC ticker symbol. A pricing mechanism for international transaction known as Gas is utilized to avoid spam on the network and distribute resources evenly to incentives that were given by request.

Breaking Down ETC

ETC encourages administering savvy agreements and contracts by providing decentralized administration advantages. There is no need or plausibility of any controlling, manipulation, censoring, or external interference of the works of such applications.

Ethereum Classic rose as a split rendition of the Ethereum’s Blockchain. The splitting ensued following an Ethereum hack, which took place in June 2016, wherein an amount of about $50 million funds was taken. The aim of the split is to retrieve the stolen funds and hand them over to the rightful owner based on the cited records before the said hack.

This results in invalid transactions of the hacker and fork exercise resulting in two adaptations that exist concurrently. Ethereum was for the new ones, and the older one was then renamed to Ethereum Classic.

What to Watch Out For

To say the least, Ethereum Classic isn’t a foolproof since many coming from the way that it is deemed by numerous individuals as Ethereum’s lesser fork.

The greatest concern of clients is the “Ethereum Classic versus Ethereum” circumstance has made what many have named as the double blockchain. As it were, both ETC and the Ethereum blockchains are fully compatible with one another in light of the fact that they were conceived from a similar trunk. Thus, one can try accessing the Ethereum Classic blockchain utilizing the Ethereum wallet, and this can actually cause issues. For instance, addresses of public wallet probably won’t have a place with a similar client in one chain and so as the other.   

This causes disarray and is inconvenient to both ETV and the Ethereum itself. Actually, numerous Ethereum clients are of the assessment that Ethereum Classic ought to be annihilated to serve the two platforms.

Thusly, this has caused a ton of unpredictability in ETC’s value and will probably remain the case except if an understanding can be achieved between the two parts of the network or community.

These are just a few of the many essential things you can learn about Ethereum Classic. Try digging the web for more relevant information.    

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