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P2PB2B is the latest and considerably the next generation’s cryptocurrency exchange. This new platform offers an easier and more convenient trade, and it has an integrated payment system since you can buy crypto using your credit card. It is now possible to monitor the trade, market, and transfer your funds by using your smartphone. P2PB2B’s services and operations are legal and transparent. They are in service 24/7. 96% of all the coins are stored in cold wallets. Your funds are safe because security is the priority of P2PB2B.

 P2PB2B is a digital cryptocurrency exchange. Their headquarters are in Switzerland. It believed that this platform can actually support up to 10, 000 of trades per second and one million transmission control protocol (TCP). As an additional, they provide customer support with various languages. It is also said that they are serving the crypto community with not less than 227 active markets and a considerable number of currency on the market. Major currencies are included such as ethereum (ETH), US Dollar (USD), and Bitcoin (BTC).

They hold 95% of their currencies in the cold wallet. They are also using the Web Application Firewall (WAF) so that they can detect and block any hacker’s attacks. They are also offering a referral program; it provides opportunities for everyone to win cryptocurrencies or digital assets. Another opportunity of having a 50% discount on any trading fee at a limited time if you ever invite your friends. They are also accepting fiat currencies, unlike any other cryptocurrencies exchange.

 This exchange was originated in Estonia. This is a place in Europe where cryptocurrency is being regulated, and a license can be obtained that any company in Estonia can conduct cryptocurrency exchange. Because of this, other cryptocurrencies had registered in Estonia, just like Latoken and BTCbears.   There are almost 500 000 visitors and users are mostly coming from European countries like Ukraine, Estonia, and Russia. This platform also holds Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). FAIRC and CRAD IEOs have been a success for this year.

As an overall result, P2PB2B has ranked 30 in the global trading platform. It is because of the reasons like, it is an officially registered trading company in Europe, having its KYC procedures, and also of its fastest-growing security protection. They have that pride claiming to be the “next-generation crypto exchange” and “world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange.”

You can register an account through P2PB2B’s official website. Blocking your account is possible but deleting it is not. QR code is needed for activating the two-factor authentication. This two-factor authentication is important because it allows you to access our account. With this, you are provided two options, it is either you use the password or you use authentication code in accessing your account. Every 30 seconds a new authentication code is being generated by an authentication application. Since this is a security feature that prevents possible unauthorized access to your account, it is highly recommended that users enable this security feature.

KYC is also known as “know your client,” a term which means that identifying and establishing the identity of a counterparty before conducting a financial transaction is a must. That is why it is important and highly needed in this platform. They use advanced methods and technologies in the field of security to assure the clients of their safety.  The withdrawal can’t definitely be canceled.  Every trading pair have their own different minimum and maximum amount of transaction. Take note that the order you can buy or sell should not exceed your balance. Past transactions can be checked on the “History” page on the “Order” windows.

 Canceling an order is possible. You can cancel your order. You just have to go to the “Trade” page on the “My Orders” window. But canceling is only possible if your order was still not accepted because if so, it will be irreversible and not possible to be canceled. Vouchers are also offered in p2pb2b. You can buy it and use it for transferring cryptocurrency or between accounts. AdvCash and Perfect Money Wallet are only the ones you can use in this exchange.  Customer support teams of these platforms are always ready for inquiries and complaints of the users.

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