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Some of you might consider EDC to be a bonus coin only. But, you are wrong. It is because EDC can also be a multi-functional platform that can give you lots of advantages. Aside from that, EDC will also offer you the capability in creating digital assets for your businesses and startups within the outline of the preferred package. EDC Blockchain also has a wide chain of international partners who improve the EDC Blockchain influence in the world that also involves the project’s development and improvement.

What are the Uses of EDC Blockchain?

The main goal of EDC blockchain is to create an easy to use and very convenient system for exchanging services and goods. EDC blockchain also provides tools for the tokenization of both small and medium-sized businesses as their way to attract new clients for the development and improvement of the infrastructure. The EDC blockchain has a built-in coin constructor that is considered to be one of the flagship items of the platform. The package solutions when it comes to producing the digital assets to expand your business that the world needs these days.

On the other hand, the additional services, including partner exchanges list, as well as the project marketing activities, are the offers that are unique and ideal for the whole industry. Right after making a request, you will have a higher chance to have the entire marketing support for your promotion, advertising services, as well as for your project.

The EDC blockchain is a company that has a professional team that contains knowledgeable individuals when it comes to the blockchain field, advertising, as well as marketing with the wide-ranging connections in the industry.

What are the Advantages that you can Get from EDC Blockchain

The following are the benefits that you can get when you use EDC Blockchain. If you want to know more about it, just keep on reading.

  • EDC blockchain will provide you with newly-launched technology that will make the blockchain-based items purchasable by anyone.
  • Once you have used EDC blockchain, you will have the possibility to get involved in the EDC coins leasing program to receive master mode bonuses.
  • While using EDC blockchain, you can create your coins and tokens using the coin constructor to have your own business or start your desired industry.
  • As an alternative of mining, EDC Blockchain operates on the Leased Proof of Stake algorithm or LPoS algorithm. 
  • One of the advantages that you can get from using EDC blockchain is that you can have a faster transaction because it features Graphene 2.0 technology.

What Technology Does the EDC Blockchain platform Use?

As we have mentioned a while ago, EDC Blockchain makes use of the Graphene 2.0 protocol, which enables users to perform more than 100,000 transactions per second. With the use of this technology, you are also allowed to work with various tokens simultaneously. Aside from that, a new block is generated every 3 secs.

What is the EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor?

With the use of the inbuilt coin constructor, you are now allowed to make your new digital assets, which is ranging from a simple token to a full-fledged cryptocurrency that comes up with the latest features that are formed from the LPoS algorithm.

Moreover, EDC helps you to establish high-quality projects as well as to start and develop your own business. With the use of the ECD Blockchain platform, you will not need any computing technology. It is because the special code of EDC Blockchain will help you to secure your digital assets. On the other hand, the users can also freely access the assets with the use of a multi-functional wallet. Digital assets that were created on the EDC blockchain platform can be stored and traded.

Ready-Made Package Solutions to Create Cryptocurrency

The EDC Blockchain platform will provide you with the ready-made package solutions to create digital assets. Varying upon your budget, you are allowed to pick a single package from the following: Premium, Plus, or Basic.

Premium – You can make full-fledged cryptocurrency with the use of PoS mining algorithm

Plus – It will give you the chance to make any changes in the premise, emission number, and allow you to set the coin’s characteristics.

Basic – With Basic, you can make your token and provide it with description and a symbol. The characteristics that you will give to your digital asset will make it possible for you to make a token for a small turnover.

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