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Legal Pad with Iconic “Buy Bitcoin” Note Sells for Over $1 Million in Auction


In a remarkable turn of events echoing the ever-evolving saga of cryptocurrency, a humble yellow legal pad has captured the attention of the financial world. Bearing the simple yet profound message “Buy Bitcoin,” this unassuming notepad, once flashed behind former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen during a 2017 congressional hearing, has fetched an astonishing sum exceeding $1 million at auction.

The fervor surrounding this seemingly ordinary stationery stems from its brief cameo during a televised House Financial Services Committee gathering four years ago. Christian Langalis, the mastermind behind the handwritten note, dared to defy convention by subtly displaying his crypto advocacy to the world. Langalis’s audacious act did not go unnoticed, as it reportedly nudged Bitcoin’s price upward by 3.7%, a testament to the influence wielded by even the most unexpected symbols in the realm of finance.

Fast forward to the present day, and the legal pad has become a coveted artifact, embodying the zeitgeist of the cryptocurrency movement. Sold through the Bitcoin auction platform Scarce City, the winning bid, placed by an enigmatic bidder known only as “Justin,” alias “Squirrekkywrath,” has eclipsed the million-dollar mark, equivalent to a staggering 16 Bitcoin.

For Langalis, the sale represents not only a lucrative windfall but also a poignant return to the Bitcoin community. “It was good to finally liberate this number from my sock drawer and offer it back to the Bitcoin public,” Langalis remarked, reflecting on the journey of the iconic notepad.

The legal pad, now steeped in history, harbors more than just a handwritten directive to invest in Bitcoin. Alongside the iconic scrawl lies a trove of insights, including Langalis’s musings on the monetary policies discussed during the fateful hearing, underscoring the intertwined narratives of traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency.

After deducting a 15% fee, Langalis is set to receive a substantial sum of approximately $875,000 or 13.6 BTC from the sale. In an expression of solidarity with the Bitcoin community, Langalis remarked, “It was good to finally liberate this number from my sock drawer and offer it back to the Bitcoin public.” The listing revealed that the page containing the handwritten sign had been removed from the notepad post-hearing but was meticulously reattached using archival wire. Furthermore, the legal pad contains an unseen rough draft of the iconic scrawl, alongside notes pertaining to the hearing’s monetary policy and Bitcoin.

In a symbolic gesture, Langalis’s decision to part ways with the legendary legal pad signifies a passing of the torch, as he channels the proceeds towards advancing a Bitcoin software project. Bloomberg reports indicate Langalis’s intention to leverage the newfound capital to propel innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between investment and technological advancement in this rapidly evolving landscape.

While the auction of the “Buy Bitcoin” legal pad has captured headlines, the broader cryptocurrency market grapples with its own set of challenges. Bitcoin’s recent dip below the $64,000 mark underscores the inherent volatility plaguing digital assets, with market sentiment teetering on the brink of uncertainty.

As the cryptocurrency community navigates these turbulent waters, one thing remains certain: the indelible imprint left by a simple yellow legal pad, bearing a timeless message that transcends borders, ideologies, and market fluctuations. In the annals of financial history, the legacy of the “Buy Bitcoin” note endures as a testament to the power of individual conviction and the transformative potential of digital currencies.

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