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Finance is the key to any business project.  Without finance, no business can establish a viable infrastructure. It is not practical for a single person to be empowered with all the finance to take the business forward.  To get the project started, founders and entrepreneurs look out for angel investors, venture capitalists of shareholders who will invest in their white paper, in return for which they will be getting ownership stakes and share in profits and losses as detailed by the startup.

In the process of financing, investment is allocated in different assets.   The risks and uncertainty in the process are taken into consideration during the investment process.  The assets in the market for which financing is sought is priced based on their risk level.  The fundamental value of the project and the return on investment is taken into consideration.

Public finance, personal finance, and corporate finance are the major types of finances that has been around.  Before any finance is made, the effects of credit, regulation, tax policies, unforeseen events, the influence of penalties, prospective return on investment, acceptance of the product or service in the society, factors that influence the price are all taken into consideration.

Cryptocurrency as a source of funding is a concept that is spreading now, and entrepreneurs and startups are benefiting greatly from this mode of finance.

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