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Historic Milestone Achieved: First-Ever Ether (ETH) Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Seeks SEC Approval


In a momentous development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, two prominent investment managers, ARK 21Share and VanEck, have joined forces to file for the first-ever Ether (ETH) spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in the United States. This pioneering move promises to unlock new opportunities for individuals seeking to venture into the world of digital currencies.

The filing, which was recently submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), outlines the creation of the “ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF.” The primary objective of this ETF is to emulate the performance of Ether (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. What sets this ETF apart is its direct holding of ETH, offering robust support for the intrinsic value of its shares.

In a synchronized effort to bring this innovation to market, the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (CBOE) BZX exchange has also thrown its hat into the ring, vying to become the designated platform for the first spot Ether exchange-traded funds in the United States. These initiatives are currently awaiting regulatory approval, with applications tied to Ark 21Shares and VanEck undergoing rigorous scrutiny.

Ark 21Shares took a significant step forward by submitting their S-1 filing on September 6th, 2023, signaling their commitment to ushering in this new era of cryptocurrency investment. In contrast, VanEck embarked on this journey back in July 2021, setting the stage for a groundbreaking collaboration. The CBOE’s submission of two 19b-4 filings now initiates the countdown for the SEC to make a pivotal decision that could profoundly shape the future of cryptocurrency investment.

Paving the Way for Mainstream Crypto Investment

The recent filing of the ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF and the concurrent efforts by VanEck and the CBOE represent a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. While Bitcoin ETFs have been the subject of considerable speculation and regulatory deliberation, the Ether ETF marks a significant departure from the status quo.

Unlike Bitcoin, which has garnered substantial institutional and retail attention, Ether, the digital currency underpinning the Ethereum blockchain, has long been considered the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Its unique utility in powering decentralized applications and smart contracts has made it a darling of the blockchain community.

The ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF promises to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market by allowing investors to gain exposure to Ether without the complexities of direct ownership and storage. By holding ETH as an underlying asset, the ETF aims to provide a seamless and regulated avenue for investors to participate in the burgeoning Ethereum ecosystem.

A Strategic Partnership: ARK 21Share and VanEck

The collaboration between ARK 21Share and VanEck underscores the growing interest among established financial institutions in the cryptocurrency space. ARK 21Share, known for its innovative approach to investment products, brings its expertise in digital asset management to the table. With a strong track record in navigating the cryptocurrency landscape, the firm’s involvement bolsters the credibility of the ETF.

VanEck, on the other hand, boasts a legacy of over six decades in the financial industry and is renowned for its comprehensive range of investment solutions. Having initiated the ETF filing process for Ether back in July 2021, VanEck has been a frontrunner in recognizing the potential of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class.

By pooling their resources and knowledge, ARK 21Share and VanEck aim to provide investors with a robust and regulated investment vehicle that leverages the strengths of both organizations. Their joint effort is expected to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies among traditional investors and pave the way for further innovations in the market.

CBOE’s Aspiration to Host Ether ETFs

In a simultaneous move, the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (CBOE) BZX exchange has expressed its intention to become the preferred platform for the first spot Ether exchange-traded funds in the United States. This bold step aligns with the CBOE’s longstanding commitment to providing a regulated marketplace for digital assets.

The CBOE, a prominent player in the financial markets, has a history of embracing innovation. Its foray into the cryptocurrency sector signals a growing recognition of the transformative potential of blockchain technology and digital assets. By offering a secure and compliant trading platform for Ether ETFs, the CBOE aims to facilitate the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional investment portfolios.

Regulatory Hurdles and the Countdown to Approval

While the filing of the ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF and the CBOE’s commitment to hosting Ether ETFs mark significant progress, the road to approval is not without its challenges. The cryptocurrency industry has long grappled with regulatory uncertainties, and the SEC’s decision on these ETF applications will be closely watched by market participants.

The SEC, tasked with safeguarding the interests of investors and maintaining the integrity of the capital markets, will assess these filings with a discerning eye. Concerns related to market manipulation, custody of digital assets, and investor protection will undoubtedly be central to their evaluation.

The CBOE’s submission of two 19b-4 filings marks the beginning of a regulatory countdown. The SEC has the authority to approve, reject, or delay its decision on these applications, and the timeline for a resolution remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency community and investors eagerly await this landmark decision, which could serve as a turning point in the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

A Potential Paradigm Shift in Crypto Investment

The quest for an Ether ETF in the United States represents more than just another financial product. It symbolizes the convergence of traditional finance and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. If approved, the ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF and the CBOE’s platform for Ether ETFs could catalyze a seismic shift in how investors perceive and interact with digital assets.

The ETF structure, known for its accessibility and liquidity, could bring a wave of institutional and retail capital into the Ether market, potentially influencing its price dynamics. Moreover, by offering a regulated and secure investment vehicle, these developments could assuage some of the concerns that have hindered broader cryptocurrency adoption.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to mature, the emergence of regulated Ether ETFs in the United States could set a precedent for similar products tied to other digital assets. This evolution underscores the growing recognition of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class and a potential diversification tool for traditional investment portfolios.


The joint filing of the ARK21Shares Ethereum ETF by ARK 21Share and VanEck, coupled with the CBOE’s bid to become the platform for Ether ETFs, heralds an exciting era for cryptocurrency investors. These initiatives represent a bridge between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and traditional finance, potentially reshaping the investment landscape.

While regulatory hurdles remain, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the SEC’s decision, which could mark a historic milestone in the broader adoption of digital assets. The path to mainstream crypto investment is taking shape, and investors are poised to benefit from the innovative solutions offered by these pioneering organizations. As the countdown to approval begins, the cryptocurrency industry stands on the cusp of a potential paradigm shift that could redefine the future of investment.

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