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PancakeSwap Joins Forces with bloXroute to Safeguard Users from MEV Bots on Ethereum Blockchain

PancakeSwap, a leading decentralized trading platform, has announced a strategic partnership with software development firm bloXroute, aiming to combat the unwelcome presence of malicious MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) bots on the Ethereum blockchain.

MEV bots hold a pivotal role within Ethereum’s transaction framework, contributing to a more streamlined marketplace at the price level. However, these bots often become the catalyst for front-run attacks that adversely affect end-users’ experiences.

The introduction of this pioneering feature is poised to significantly enhance user experience, fostering a more efficient and transparent environment within the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) realm.

Understanding MEV Bots in Ethereum:
A key facet of Ethereum’s block validation process involves MEV bots, which have emerged as critical players in the ecosystem.

In simple terms, these bots are advanced tools that exploit the sequencing of transactions during the block validation process. This exploitation revolves around speculating on price slippage during trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like PancakeSwap.

MEV stands for “Maximum Extractable Value,” encompassing techniques aimed at maximizing the profits of individuals using specialized bots to manage transactions on Ethereum. These transactions span from the mempool to their final inclusion in a block.

Of particular interest are front-run attacks, where MEV bots can capitalize the most. By strategically choosing which transactions to include, omit, or reorder within a block, MEV bots can execute their own orders ahead of others. This approach takes advantage of price fluctuations and impacts, ultimately disadvantaging other users.

MEV activities also include arbitrage across decentralized markets and liquidating loans on lending platforms. These practices undermine the user experience by increasing price slippage and the risk of front-running.

However, MEV bots also serve a purpose. They help stabilize asset prices across various AMM (Automated Market Maker) mechanisms, promoting price consistency and efficiency in DeFi lending activities.

PancakeSwap and bloXroute’s Protective Alliance:
In a bid to address these concerns, PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange, has partnered with technology company bloXroute. This collaboration aims to counteract MEV bots’ front-run attacks against users on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BNB chain).

Traders on PancakeSwap’s platform will gain access to bloXroute’s RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) free of charge. This integration is designed to facilitate improved price execution for swaps.

The key benefit of these RPCs lies in their ability to shield transactions sent through them from visibility in the mempool. This protective measure thwarts the ability of MEV bots to identify profit opportunities and manipulate block sequencing.

Initial iterations of the MEV Protect RPC on the BNB Chain provided 85% protection on PancakeSwap. With the latest update, complete coverage is now possible.

To enable this feature, users need only a minimal balance on a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask. The economic benefits for end-users can be substantial.

Mochi, the head chef at PancakeSwap, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “PancakeSwap is pleased to work with a leading industry partner bloXroute, to protect our users from MEV activities such as front-running and sandwich attacks. This collaboration aims to maximize the value our users receive.”

Elevating DeFi Efficiency:
For decentralized finance to rival centralized crypto service providers, user swaps must be simple, fast, cost-effective, and reflect real-time pricing.

Decentralized platforms do pose risks related to hacks and exploits. Constant enhancements in transaction execution are pivotal to the mass adoption of decentralized finance.

The collaboration between PancakeSwap and bloXroute underscores a shared commitment to refining DeFi environments and enhancing the user experience.

bloXroute’s Role in the Crypto Landscape:
bloXroute Labs, a prominent blockchain software development company, plays a crucial role in enhancing the crypto ecosystem. With a strong presence in the Ethereum space, bloXroute aims to elevate decentralized exchange trading to a higher level.

The company’s blockchain distribution (BDN) and hyper-connectivity across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Solana enable low-latency DeFi with protection against MEV and price manipulation.

Around 350 trading firms in the DeFi world benefit from BDN’s infrastructure for faster and more efficient data, ensuring high inclusion rates and competitive transaction propagation.

Approximately 40% of Ethereum’s volume flows through BloXroute’s relayers, connecting over 500,000 validators.

In recent months, the company has been dedicated to addressing MEV bot-related challenges. One such solution is the “Instant Inclusion Ethereum” (iiETH), a real-time blockchain inclusion of transactions with protection against MEV attacks.

The collaboration between PancakeSwap and bloXroute is a concerted effort to enhance DeFi efficiency and create a more enjoyable user experience.

In Conclusion:
The partnership between PancakeSwap and bloXroute marks a significant advancement in fortifying DeFi against the harmful influence of MEV bots. By leveraging advanced technologies and strategic collaborations, these platforms contribute to creating a secure and efficient decentralized trading environment, poised to shape the future of the crypto space.


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