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Solana Price Falls Below $170; What’s Next

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Solana’s price has seen a significant drop, falling below $170. This decline comes after multiple failed attempts to break the $200 barrier. With increased selling pressure and fluctuating market indicators, Solana finds itself in a critical zone. Both bullish and bearish forces are active, making the next few hours crucial for Solana’s price trajectory.

Recent Performance and Decline

Solana experienced an impressive surge earlier this month, reaching a high of $187.39 on May 22. This upward movement aimed to challenge the March high but was abruptly halted, pushing the price back to its starting point. As of now, Solana is trading at $169.70 with a market cap of $76.26 billion.

Several factors have contributed to this decline. The anticipation and subsequent approval of Ethereum ETFs have played a significant role. Bloomberg analysts had suggested a 75% chance of Ethereum ETF approval based on hints from the SEC, which materialized, negatively impacting Solana’s price.

Factors Behind the Decline

Ethereum ETF Approval

The rumors and eventual approval of Ethereum ETFs have shifted investor focus and funds away from Solana, contributing to its price drop. The approval has led to significant market movements, influencing other altcoins, including Solana.

Unstaking Spree

Following the Ethereum ETF news, Solana PoS (Proof of Stake) validators went on an unstaking spree, resulting in the unstaking of 3.5 million Solana tokens between May 20 and 24. These unstaked tokens, worth more than $594 million, reduced the total staked Solana to 365.3 million. Such a substantial reduction in staking typically leads to temporary instability in PoS networks, affecting Solana’s price stability.

Current Market Situation

Despite the downturn, Solana has shown signs of recovery, gaining a 2.5% increase from its recent low. This bounce-back indicates potential stabilization as the market absorbs the impact of the Ethereum ETF hype.

Trading Volume and Market Sentiment

The trading volume for Solana has decreased by 56%, reflecting a cautious market sentiment. Investors are wary of further declines and are adjusting their positions to mitigate potential losses.

Future Outlook for Solana

Solana is currently in a correction zone, recovering from an overbought condition earlier in the week. As the hype around the Ethereum ETF settles, Solana’s price could see further stabilization and potential growth.

Potential Solana ETF

The crypto community is already discussing the possibility of a Solana ETF, given its significant market demand, ranking just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Such a development could provide a substantial boost to Solana’s price and investor confidence.

Technical Indicators

From a technical perspective, Solana’s key levels to watch include support around $160 and resistance near $200. The price movements within this range will be critical in determining the next steps for Solana.

  1. Support Levels: The immediate support for Solana is at $160. If the price holds above this level, it could prevent further declines and build a foundation for recovery.
  2. Resistance Levels: The $200 mark remains a significant resistance. A successful breach of this level could signal a bullish trend, attracting more buyers and increasing upward momentum.
  3. Market Sentiment: Investor sentiment will play a crucial role in Solana’s future price movements. Positive news, such as the potential for a Solana ETF, could boost sentiment and drive prices higher.

Strategic Recommendations for Investors

  1. Monitor Key Levels: Keep a close watch on the $160 support and $200 resistance levels. These will be critical in determining short-term price movements.
  2. Stay Informed: Follow developments around the potential Solana ETF and other regulatory news that could impact the crypto market.
  3. Diversify Holdings: Consider diversifying your crypto portfolio to mitigate risks associated with market volatility.
  4. Long-Term Perspective: Despite short-term fluctuations, maintain a long-term perspective on Solana’s potential, especially given its strong fundamentals and growing adoption.


Solana’s recent price drop below $170 marks a critical juncture for the cryptocurrency. Influenced by the Ethereum ETF approval and subsequent market reactions, Solana is navigating a period of increased selling pressure and market uncertainty. However, signs of recovery and potential future developments, such as a Solana ETF, offer a glimmer of hope for investors.

As the market adjusts to recent events, Solana’s performance in the coming days will be pivotal. Investors should stay informed and strategic, monitoring key levels and market sentiment closely. With a balanced approach and long-term perspective, navigating these fluctuations can yield rewarding outcomes in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

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