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Solana (SOL) Is Following the Footsteps of the rest of the Investment Space

Solana (SOL) Is Following the Footsteps of the rest of the Investment Space

Solana’s price is following in the footsteps of cryptocurrencies, equities, and other risky assets throughout the globe. Investors are optimistic that the current conflict in Ukraine will be resolved after a meeting between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus. Despite the strong news and outlook, bulls are unable to push over the crucial $100 level.

Solana is nearing $100.

Solana reached a day high of $96 earlier today. At the time, the asset was one of the top gainers of the day, with gains of up to 6.4 percent.

The announcement of a global tour by the organization behind the asset’s construction has lately increased the asset’s valuation.

Recently, Solana’s price, like that of other big cryptocurrencies, is bleak and depressing, since it is dangerously near to a crucial price level yet unable to reach it easily. A significant cluster of resistance must be overcome before Solana can enter a clear and established bull market.

The bull’s unhappiness is compounded by further resistance above $100 at $110 (bottom of the Ichimoku Cloud, Senkou Span A), the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement at $112, and the 100 percent Fibonacci expansion at $116. This suggests that even if buyers can get Solana to close around $100, upward potential may be restricted or reversed due to another set of significant resistance levels.

The Solana Foundation Will Host Events

The Solana Foundation announced plans to organize events in a variety of locations throughout the globe to pique developers’ interest in the ecosystem.

The event was dubbed “The Hacker House,” and the foundation intends to go to Prague, Berlin, and New York, as well as Florianópolis, Brazil, and Nassau, Bahamas’ capital, in the following weeks. They’ve also mentioned that they’d want to increase the list of cities as time goes on.

“Exciting news: More Solana Hacker Houses are on the way!” The team is expanding the World Tour with additional more locations.” This is expected to attract additional projects to the ecosystem and bolster the blockchain, which is a welcome positive step after Solana’s rough start to the year.

Members of the Foundation Council

Yakovenko, Anatoly

Anatoly is one of Solana’s co-founders. At Qualcomm, he led the development of operating systems, at Mesosphere, he led the development of distributed systems, and at Dropbox, he led the development of compression. He has two patents for high-performance operating system protocols, was a major kernel developer for BREW, which powered every CDMA flip phone (100 million+ devices), and spearheaded the development of technology that enabled Project Tango (VR/AR) on Qualcomm phones.

Albrecht, Wolfgang

Wolfgang is an entrepreneur and investor that works both within and outside of the crypto space. He is a co-founder of Staking Facilities, which aims to build industry standards for easy staking with appealing project selection while maintaining the highest security requirements.

Prestwich, James

James is a cryptocurrency engineer and business owner. He is a Summa co-founder and manages the on-chain services team. He participates to Cross-Chain Group research and maintains free and open-source Bitcoin libraries for a variety of public chains as part of his work on cross-chain development.

Mable Jiang Mable works as an investor at Multicoin Capital, where she and her colleagues operate a hedge fund as well as a venture fund. Her work focuses on assisting entrepreneurs in identifying the optimal operational strategy and cooperation prospects, as well as bridging the East-West knowledge divide. Mable worked in conventional finance at Citi and strategy at Didi prior to investing in cryptocurrency.

Von Felton, Patrick

Patrick has extensive expertise in the Swiss financial industry, with a focus on active administration of multinational organizations.


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