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Celsius Network’s Transition to Bitcoin Mining Faces Roadblocks in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Celsius Network

In a bid to revitalize its operations amid regulatory scrutiny, Celsius Network, a prominent cryptocurrency lender, faces obstacles in its ambitious plan to pivot towards Bitcoin mining. The company’s proposed shift has hit a snag, encountering skepticism from a bankruptcy court judge and opposition from certain customers, complicating its path out of bankruptcy.

Initially proposed on November 20, Celsius Network’s restructuring strategy involved a transition from its core business of crypto lending to focusing solely on Bitcoin mining. This move was a response to mounting pressure from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which had raised concerns about Celsius’s crypto lending and staking activities.

However, during a hearing on November 30, the bankruptcy court expressed reservations about the feasibility and implementation of Celsius’s proposed transformation. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn of New York highlighted that the plan lacked necessary approvals, emphasizing the importance of securing consent from the company’s creditors.

Celsius’s legal representatives defended the proposed plan, citing the bankruptcy court’s prior approval and the flexibility granted to the company to shift its business model. Attorney Chris Koenig argued that the previously granted permissions rendered a new vote unnecessary, asserting that the plan was in the best interest of the creditors.

Despite the SEC not initially opposing Celsius’s restructuring plan, the agency remained hesitant about approving certain crypto-related activities, particularly crypto lending and staking, which had been a point of contention in the past. The judge urged Celsius and the SEC to reconcile their differences and find common ground to advance the restructuring process.

Celsius Network’s attorney, Chris Koenig, contested the judge’s viewpoint, citing prior approval from the same bankruptcy court that had initially granted the company flexibility to pivot toward a mining-exclusive business model. Koenig argued that this prior approval should suffice, stating that the proposed deal was equally advantageous for creditors and, therefore, a new vote wasn’t necessary.

Nevertheless, not all stakeholders are in favor of Celsius’s proposed transition. Reports indicate that two customers, acting independently and without legal representation, lodged objections in court, advocating for Celsius to opt for full liquidation instead of pursuing the restructuring plan.

As the situation unfolds, the company faces the challenge of navigating through the bankruptcy proceedings while addressing the concerns raised by the court, creditors, regulatory bodies, and dissenting customers. The fate of Celsius Network hangs in the balance, dependent on its ability to garner support and address the skepticism surrounding its ambitious pivot to Bitcoin mining.

Judge Glenn, without attributing blame to either Celsius or the SEC, urged both parties to come to a mutually agreeable resolution. Despite the looming possibility of a vote among stakeholders, some of Celsius’s customers have voiced their dissent against the restructuring plan. Two customers, acting independently and without legal representation, filed objections in court, advocating for Celsius to opt for full liquidation instead of pursuing the proposed transformation.

The evolving situation surrounding Celsius Network’s restructuring plan has drawn significant attention and raised uncertainties about the company’s future direction. As legal complexities and stakeholder sentiments intersect, the outcome of this dispute could potentially reshape the landscape of crypto lending and mining industries.

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