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NEAR Protocol Reaches Major Milestone: 450 Million Transactions and 12.3 Million Addresses

NEAR Protocol Milestones

NEAR Protocol has achieved two significant milestones in recent weeks. The blockchain platform has now processed 450 million transactions and boasts a remarkable 12.3 million unique addresses. This achievement underscores the rising popularity of NEAR Protocol and raises important questions about its future trajectory and market potential.

A Historic Achievement for NEAR Protocol

As of July 2024, NEAR Protocol has crossed the 450 million transaction mark. This achievement reflects the platform’s robust performance and increasing user engagement. Furthermore, NEAR has seen a tremendous surge in new addresses, with the number of unique addresses reaching 12.3 million within just one month.

NEAR’s Performance in June: A Closer Look

In a recent update shared on the social media platform X, crypto analyst Masi highlighted NEAR Protocol’s exceptional performance throughout June. According to the report:

  • Unique Addresses: NEAR recorded 16.9 million unique addresses in June, with 12.3 million of those being new. This is a substantial increase compared to the 5.8 million new addresses created in May.
  • Transaction Volume: The platform facilitated 240 million transactions in June, with a success rate of 99.7% and an average transaction fee of only $0.0004.
  • Transaction Efficiency: NEAR’s transactions achieved an average of 94.5 Success Transactions Per Second (STPS), demonstrating the platform’s efficiency and scalability.

Masi’s analysis emphasizes that NEAR’s achievements in June have positioned it as a top performer in the blockchain space, second only to Solana (SOL).

Factors Behind NEAR’s Recent Success

Several factors have contributed to NEAR Protocol’s recent successes. Let’s explore these elements in more detail:

1. Strategic Innovations and Initiatives

NEAR Protocol has been at the forefront of several innovative initiatives aimed at expanding its ecosystem. One major development has been the platform’s pivot towards integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI). The NEAR Foundation is investing in basic AI infrastructure, including data collection, computational resources, and creative monetization strategies. These investments are designed to enhance the platform’s capabilities and drive future growth.

2. Enhancements in User Experience

Recent updates to the NEAR Protocol have also improved the overall user experience. New features like chain signatures and the HERE wallet integration have streamlined processes for users, making the platform more accessible and user-friendly.

3. Low Transaction Fees and High Success Rate

NEAR’s ability to maintain low transaction fees while achieving a high success rate is a testament to the platform’s efficiency. With an average transaction fee of just $0.0004 and a 99.7% success rate, NEAR offers a competitive edge in the blockchain space.

The NEAR Token and Market Trends

Despite NEAR Protocol’s impressive performance metrics, the NEAR token itself has faced some challenges. As of the time of publication, NEAR is priced at $4.50, reflecting a slight 0.75% decline over the past 24 hours. However, there are signs of increased investor interest, as indicated by a 71% rise in trading volume to $333 million.

1. Market Sentiment and Future Projections

Market analysts are optimistic about NEAR’s future. The Money Flow Index (MFI), a key indicator of investment trends, is at 56, suggesting a growing influx of investments. Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) line has recently crossed above the signal line, signaling a bullish trend.

Analysts predict that NEAR’s price could potentially rise to $5.60 if the current positive sentiment continues. This forecast is based on the token’s previous performance, which saw a significant increase from $5.22 to $8.50 between April and May of this year.

Comparing NEAR Protocol to Competitors

In the broader context of the blockchain industry, NEAR Protocol’s recent achievements position it as a strong competitor to other major platforms. As of June 2024, NEAR Protocol is ranked as the second-top chain after Solana (SOL) in terms of transaction volume and user engagement.

1. NEAR vs. Solana

NEAR’s impressive performance has led it to compete closely with Solana, which currently holds the top spot. Solana’s strengths lie in its high-speed transactions and low fees, but NEAR’s recent innovations and user growth could potentially shift the balance.

2. NEAR’s Role in the AI Sector

NEAR’s strategic focus on AI integration sets it apart from many competitors. By investing in AI infrastructure and fostering innovation, NEAR aims to expand its role in the AI sector and drive long-term growth.

The Road Ahead for NEAR Protocol

As NEAR Protocol continues to grow, several factors will influence its future trajectory. Key areas to watch include:

1. Continued Innovation and Adoption

The success of NEAR Protocol will depend on its ability to maintain momentum through continued innovation and user adoption. The effectiveness of recent initiatives, such as the AI focus and user experience improvements, will be crucial in shaping NEAR’s future.

2. Market Reactions and Price Movements

Investors should keep an eye on market trends and price movements. The current indicators suggest potential for future growth, but fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market can be unpredictable.

3. Competitive Positioning

NEAR’s position in the competitive blockchain landscape will also be important. How it compares to other platforms, particularly Solana, and how it leverages its technological advancements will affect its standing in the market.


NEAR Protocol’s recent milestones of reaching 450 million transactions and 12.3 million addresses mark a significant moment in the platform’s history. These achievements reflect a growing interest in NEAR and highlight the potential for future growth. While the NEAR token has faced some challenges, the current market conditions and future projections suggest a positive outlook.

As NEAR Protocol continues to innovate and expand its ecosystem, it will be important for investors and industry observers to stay informed about developments in the blockchain space. With strategic initiatives in AI, improvements in user experience, and a strong performance record, NEAR is well-positioned for future success.

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