Home Vechain Toolchain (VET) Great Way to Prove Quality of Products to End Customers

Vechain Toolchain delivers value by trusted data.  The list of tools offered by VeChain for enterprises are useful in comprehensive product management, logistics and storage, digitized ownership confirmation, and eventually improves customer reach.

The products from VeChain also provides for Data Storage, Data Authentication, Data Analysis, and Data which is value-added.

When it comes to application of VeChain Toolchain it is useful in the retailing and e-commerce sector – both are supported by supply-chain finance.

By virtue of being online, it provides for consumer interaction. And After sales from different counters leading to production right from the farm, allocation of chips to the products takes place, the IOT chips help the IOT devices keep track of production – Keeping track of Transportation and storage and eventually the entire travel cycle of the product is authoritatively certified.  The authenticity makes the product manufacturing cycle more eligible for supply chain finance.

It helps to understand Sustainability Track & Trace SaaS, Food Safety Track & Trace SaaS, and General Supply Chain Track & Trace SaaS products to understand the usability of the tools.

A simple example:  The wine producer “F” makes quality wine using indigenous grapes.  The production processes are strict with suitable storage controls.  However, in the absence of an effective method to prove their quality to their customers, it can be difficult to stay out in the market.   The VeChain Toolchain Standard Version helped establish the brand perception by providing due “Authentication Solution.”

“Quality Certificates” issued by independent authoritative certification body stored on VeChainThor Blockchain with relevant data were easily shared with business partners and consumers. Therefore, the credibility of the company was improved. Eventually, increasing the overall brand perception.

ToolChain IoT chips cannot be copied or reused.  These chips are attached to the bottle caps.  Thus, the life cycle of the wine is managed using different IoT devices and VeChain Work App.

Consumers who want to know the details of the wine life cycle can participate by scanning the IoT device attached to the bottle cap and embedded with a unique ID on the VeChainThor blockchain, using the VeChain Pro Mobile App. Thus, they get to know the high-quality raw materials and unique processing techniques used in the wine.

Similarly, VeChain provides for real time use cases for various industries across the world ranging from automobile, wine, food, clothing, agriculture, electronics, art, fresh food, and luxury.


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