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Coinbase Faces SEC Lawsuit Over Crypto Listings: Will XRP Emails be the Game Changer?

In a recent legal showdown, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase found itself in the crosshairs of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), facing allegations of violating securities laws. The contentious case, closely monitored by crypto enthusiasts, has left many wondering whether the exchange’s decision to list and later delist XRP will be brought to light through exchanged emails between Coinbase and the SEC.

The SEC initiated legal action against Coinbase in June, contending that 13 crypto assets listed on the platform, including FIL, SAND, AXS, SOL, and ADA, constitute unregistered securities. Additionally, the SEC flagged Coinbase’s staking service as a security, prompting Coinbase to seek a dismissal of the lawsuit. Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, Paul Grewal, expressed confidence in the firm’s position, anticipating potential regulatory clarity from Congress for the cryptocurrency space.

The recent hearing before New York District Judge Katherine Polk Failla saw arguments from both sides, with Coinbase leaning on the Major Questions Doctrine, asserting that the SEC lacks Congress’ mandate to regulate the evolving crypto industry. While the hearing concluded without a decisive outcome, legal expert James Murphy, known as MetaLawMan, highlighted Judge Failla’s expertise and her detailed grasp of blockchain technology and crypto terminology.

Notably, both parties referenced previous decisions in the Terra and Ripple cases, aligning their arguments with the judgments of Judge Jed Rakoff and Judge Analisa Torres. MetaLawMan, known for his accurate predictions in crypto-related legal cases, suggested that while cryptos themselves may not constitute securities, the SEC argued that trading crypto assets on secondary markets could still be interpreted as a sale of investment contracts.

Amidst speculation about the lawsuit proceeding to the discovery phase, where crucial documents and communications could be unveiled, the XRP community remains particularly intrigued. Coinbase’s decision to delist XRP in early 2021, following the SEC’s claim that XRP is a security, raised eyebrows within the crypto community. XRP community member Ashley Prosper expressed interest in uncovering communications between the SEC and Coinbase regarding XRP.

Bill Morgan, a pro-XRP lawyer, raised questions about Coinbase’s diligence process, suggesting that either the process failed during XRP’s listing or the exchange delisted XRP despite knowing it did not constitute a security, possibly to appease the SEC. Morgan pointed out that any communications between the SEC and Coinbase about XRP might be treated similarly to the highly debated Hinman speech document.

The release of the Hinman speech document in the Ripple case, after an 18-month legal battle, sparked discussions about transparency and the SEC’s role in shaping crypto regulations. The fate of potential communications between the SEC and Coinbase concerning XRP remains uncertain, dependent on the lawsuit’s trajectory.

As the case unfolds, several crypto influencers echo sentiments similar to MetaLawMan’s predictions, anticipating Coinbase’s ultimate triumph. The possibility of the lawsuit proceeding to the discovery phase has ignited curiosity within the crypto community, eager to uncover any hidden correspondence that could shed light on the intricacies of XRP’s listing and delisting.

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency regulations, this legal battle between Coinbase and the SEC serves as a focal point for industry participants and observers alike. Whether the case proceeds to discovery, and if so, what revelations may emerge, remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the outcome could have far-reaching implications for Coinbase, the SEC, and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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