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Ethereum Hits Record High in Non-Zero Addresses: Will ETH Price Surge Follow Suit

Ethereum Hits Record

Ethereum, the trailblazing cryptocurrency, continues to capture the attention of investors worldwide. Its recent achievement of reaching a record high in non-zero addresses has set the stage for a potential surge in price, with market observers eagerly anticipating a move towards the monumental $4,000 mark. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll explore the underlying factors driving Ethereum’s momentum, dissect key on-chain data trends, delve into expert insights, and conduct a thorough technical analysis to uncover the potential trajectory of Ethereum’s price in the coming weeks.

Ethereum’s Non-Zero Addresses Hit New Heights: A Sign of Growing Interest

At the heart of Ethereum’s recent rally lies a significant uptick in non-zero addresses, reaching an all-time high of 118,000. This milestone serves as a testament to the expanding Ethereum community and the increasing interest among investors. On-chain data from Sentiment underscores this surge, highlighting Ethereum’s resilient performance over the past weekend following a temporary dip in mid-March. The surge in non-zero addresses signals a growing confidence in Ethereum’s long-term potential and could pave the way for further bullish momentum in the near future.

Bullish Signals: Decrease in Exchange Supply and Whale Transactions

Complementing Ethereum’s surge in non-zero addresses is a noteworthy decrease in exchange supply, indicating a potential uptick in price action on the horizon. Recent data reveals a significant drop in Ethereum exchange reserves, with a considerable portion of the cryptocurrency’s supply moving off exchanges. This trend is further corroborated by an increase in whale transactions, suggesting heightened activity among large investors and institutions. As Ethereum continues to transition towards a supply scarcity model, driven by increasing demand and decreased availability on exchanges, the stage is set for a potential price surge in the coming weeks.

Technical Analysis: Key Levels to Watch

Turning our attention to Ethereum’s price action, technical analysis provides valuable insights into potential support and resistance levels. Currently trading above $3,550 and supported by the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average, Ethereum maintains a bullish trajectory. A critical bullish trend line is taking shape, with support around $3,550 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD, aligning closely with the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level.

In terms of resistance, Ethereum faces immediate hurdles near the $3,630 level, followed by more significant barriers at $3,650 and $3,680. A decisive breach above these levels could pave the way for a sustained uptrend, potentially propelling Ethereum towards $3,800 and beyond. With $4,000 emerging as a psychological milestone and a key resistance level, Ethereum’s ability to surpass this threshold could determine its trajectory in the near term.

Expert Insights: Forecasting Ethereum’s Journey

Experts in the cryptocurrency space remain optimistic about Ethereum’s prospects, citing its strong fundamentals and growing investor interest as catalysts for further upside potential. The surge in non-zero addresses, coupled with decreasing exchange supply, underscores Ethereum’s resilience and long-term viability. As Ethereum eyes a push towards $4,000, investors are keenly watching for signals of continued bullish momentum and potential breakout opportunities.


Ethereum’s recent surge in non-zero addresses has reignited optimism among investors, setting the stage for a potential price surge to $4,000. With growing interest in the cryptocurrency space and favorable on-chain data trends, Ethereum’s journey towards new highs appears promising. As investors navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market, Ethereum stands out as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, poised to lead the charge towards a decentralized future.

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