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Ripple Faces SEC Pressure as XRP ETF Speculation Surges

In a recent twist to the SEC vs. Ripple legal saga, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has intensified its efforts, filing a motion to compel Ripple Labs to produce crucial documents related to XRP sales. The regulatory agency is seeking financial statements spanning 2022-2023 and post-complaint contracts governing institutional sales. This move has reignited interest among XRP investors, particularly amid speculation about the imminent launch of an XRP-Spot ETF.

The SEC’s request sheds light on the agency’s pursuit of a $770 million penalty, prompting speculation that settlement discussions might revolve around this figure. By gaining access to Ripple’s financial statements, the SEC aims to estimate sales proceeds and expenses linked to XRP transactions, potentially influencing its penalty stance. However, legal experts anticipate that the presiding Judge Analisa Torres might consider a substantial reduction in the proposed penalty.

Ripple Labs secured several victories in 2023, notably with the court ruling on July 13 that XRP is not a security. This decision clarified that XRP sales on exchanges, as well as those by Ripple executives, were not deemed securities. The remaining point of contention revolves around institutional XRP sales, suggesting that the SEC’s case might be losing momentum. The dropping of charges against Ripple executives Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse further fueled confidence that the SEC’s case is weakening.

As discussions around the SEC vs. Ripple case unfold, the cryptocurrency community is also buzzing with talks of a potential XRP ETF entering the market. Steven McClurg of Valkyrie Investments, speaking on Bloomberg Crypto, hinted at the likelihood of increased ETF applications for not only Ethereum but also Ripple. Recent developments, such as Grayscale’s inclusion of Ripple in its publicly traded securities trust, have added to the speculation.

The SEC’s motion requests financial statements from Ripple Labs, covering the years 2022-2023, and post-complaint contracts governing institutional sales. Both parties are mandated to complete remedies-related discovery by February 12, followed by an SEC reply brief before Judge Analisa Torres determines the penalty for XRP sales to U.S. institutional investors.

Experts speculate that the SEC might seek a hefty $770 million in penalties, a figure that has surfaced in settlement discussions. Access to Ripple’s financial statements will enable the SEC to estimate sales proceeds and expenses tied to XRP sales, potentially influencing the sought penalty. However, there is anticipation that Judge Torres may significantly reduce the proposed $770 million penalty.

Ripple Labs experienced some victories against the SEC last year, notably the July 13 decision affirming that XRP is not a security. This ruling clarified that XRP sales on exchanges, sales by Ripple executives, and distributions to developers, charities, and employees were not securities. The primary contention remains focused on institutional XRP sales.

However, the path to an XRP spot ETF approval remains uncertain, given SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s apparent reservations about digital assets beyond Bitcoin. While XRP enjoys regulatory clarity, the SEC’s stance on various cryptocurrencies raises questions about the approval prospects for an XRP ETF.

In the past 24 hours, XRP has experienced a slight dip of less than 1%, settling at $0.59. Nevertheless, on the weekly charts, the sixth-ranked cryptocurrency has shown a nearly 4% increase, signaling resilience in the face of regulatory uncertainties.

Investors and enthusiasts keen on the crypto market’s evolution are closely monitoring these legal developments and potential ETF launches. The outcome of the SEC vs. Ripple case could significantly impact not only Ripple and XRP but also the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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