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Ripple Unveils Plans for XRP Expansion in U.S. Cross-Border Payments Market

In a bold move to reshape the landscape of cross-border payments in the United States, Ripple, a prominent crypto payment firm, has announced its plans to introduce XRP-based solutions through its Ripple Payments services. Spearheading this initiative is Oliver Segovia, Senior Director and Head of Product Marketing for Payments at Ripple, who revealed the company’s intention to expand its presence locally.

Despite being headquartered in the U.S., Segovia acknowledged that the majority of Ripple’s business operations are currently focused on international markets. Recognizing the untapped potential within the domestic market, Ripple aims to utilize its expertise and technology to enhance cross-border payment services within the country.

Ripple’s expansion strategy is anchored in leveraging its local money transmitter licenses (MTLs), boasting over 31 licenses across the United States. The Ripple Payments service, powered by XRP as a bridge asset, promises swift transaction settlements within seconds at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

To kickstart this transformative journey, Ripple is actively recruiting talent across various global hubs, with a focus on San Francisco. Additionally, the company is organizing a fintech meetup to engage with industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

Despite having its global headquarters in the U.S., Ripple has predominantly focused on international markets, with a staggering 90% of its business conducted abroad. However, this is about to change as Ripple gears up to unveil innovative products that leverage its extensive network of local money transmitter licenses (MTLs). The company currently holds more than 31 MTLs in the United States, positioning it for a significant impact on the local payments landscape.

At the core of this expansion is the Ripple Payments service, which utilizes XRP as a bridge asset. This crypto-based payment solution promises rapid transaction settlements within seconds, all at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional methods. Ripple aims to capitalize on its global expertise to enhance services domestically, catering to the growing demand for efficient cross-border transactions in the U.S.

The meetup, scheduled for Wednesday, February 7th, will feature a panel discussion on Ripple’s 2024 outlook for blockchain and payments, led by product heads Brendan Berry and Pegah Soltani. Moderating the session will be Joanie Xie, Ripple’s U.S. Managing Director, with participation from Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz.

Following the panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to network with professionals from leading companies such as Adyen, Marqeta, and Plaid during a happy hour event. The gathering will take place at Ripple’s recently inaugurated San Francisco Headquarters, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the fintech community.

Ripple’s move to focus on the U.S. market comes as the demand for efficient and cost-effective cross-border payment solutions continues to rise. By leveraging its local money transmitter licenses, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the domestic financial landscape, providing businesses and individuals with a faster and more affordable alternative to traditional payment methods.

Individuals interested in attending the event can reserve their spot through the dedicated portal, ensuring an enriching experience filled with insights and networking opportunities.

With Ripple’s ambitious plans to revolutionize cross-border payments in the United States, powered by XRP, the fintech landscape is poised for significant transformation. As the company continues to expand its footprint and foster innovation, the future of global payments looks promising with Ripple at the helm.

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