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SEC and Ripple Collaborate on Legal Phase: Path to Resolution or Prolonged Battle?


In a significant development in the ongoing legal clash between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs, both entities have come together to propose a joint schedule for the remedies briefing and discovery phase. This collaborative effort sheds light on the path ahead in a legal battle that has garnered widespread attention in the crypto community.

The proposed schedule provides a framework for the discovery phase of remedies, encompassing events that occurred both before and after the SEC charged Ripple with violating securities law in December 2020. Legal expert James K. Filan shared insights into the submitted letter, revealing key points that outline the next steps in this intricate legal dance.

Proposed Schedule for Upcoming Remedies Stage

The SEC has suggested a 90-day timeline from the court’s scheduling order for the discovery of remedies-related facts, including those predating the SEC’s charges against Ripple. Additionally, the SEC seeks information on events post the official charges in December 2020. Ripple retains the right to contest the SEC’s post-complaint discoveries and may request an extension for the discovery deadline.

As part of the proposed schedule, Ripple is granted 45 days from the court’s scheduling order to provide a superseding report by Anthony Bracco, who testified about the remedies stage last year. Subsequently, the SEC may depose Bracco within 90 days from the entry of the scheduling order. Both parties reserve the right to issue rebuttal reports following the expert’s deposition, with third-party discovery contingent on court approval.

“The SEC may file its brief with respect to remedies at any time, but no later than 30 days after the remedies discovery period. Ripple shall file its opposition 30 days thereafter, and the SEC [can file] its reply 15 days thereafter,” the joint letter stated.

Legal Experts’ Perspectives

Pro-XRP lawyers have been quick to react to this collaborative move. Attorney Fred Rispoli noted that the tone of the letter suggests a potential resolution on the horizon. Meanwhile, Attorney Jeremy Hogan highlighted a critical aspect of the legal battle, emphasizing that the sovereign rights of other countries where Ripple sold XRP could be at stake. Hogan speculated that these nations might file amicus briefs if the SEC expands its jurisdiction.

Australia-based pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan offered insights into the potential duration of the remedies stage, estimating it could extend until May 2024, just after Bitcoin Halving.

Potential Fines and Ripple’s Defense

The proposed scheduling order is specifically related to the upcoming remedies phase, which will determine the fines Ripple may face for violating securities law through its past institutional sales of XRP, totaling $770 million. While the SEC aims for the entire $770 million as penalties, Ripple is expected to challenge this amount. Legal experts, including Attorney John Deaton, anticipate that Ripple will seek to exempt legitimate business expenses and XRP sales related to institutions outside the United States.

Analysis and Future Implications

The collaborative proposal by the SEC and Ripple introduces a new dimension to the legal battle, raising questions about the potential for a resolution. The suggested schedule provides a roadmap for the coming months, offering a glimpse into the intricate legal maneuvers that will shape the future of Ripple and its relationship with the SEC.

As the crypto community watches these developments closely, the implications of the legal outcome extend beyond Ripple itself. The case could set precedents for the regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets, influencing how other countries approach and regulate cryptocurrencies.

In a legal saga filled with twists and turns, the joint proposal signifies a pivotal moment. Whether it leads to a swift resolution or further prolongs the battle remains uncertain, but the eyes of the crypto world remain fixed on the unfolding drama between the SEC and Ripple. The next chapters in this legal saga promise to be as riveting as the ones that came before.

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