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SEC Grants Trial Delay for Terraform Labs Founder Do Kwon Amidst Legal Battle

In a recent development, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has agreed to postpone the trial of Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, as part of an ongoing legal battle. The SEC, which has been pursuing justice in the wake of alleged market manipulation leading to the collapse of TerraUSD and a massive $60 billion industry loss, has granted the defendant’s request for trial delay.

Do Kwon, currently detained in a Montenegro prison, faces serious charges related to a “multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud.” The SEC had previously secured a ruling supporting its claims of Terra’s securities law violations and had scheduled a trial. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Kwon sought to further delay the proceedings, filing for the postponement of the imminent trial.

Surprisingly, the SEC has expressed support for the rescheduling, acknowledging the necessity of Kwon’s physical presence. The commission, in a filing to U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, stated that it is “fully prepared, willing, and able to proceed” with the trial as scheduled but has agreed to a later date. The proposed trial commencement date is April 15, 2024.

While the SEC agreed to one aspect of the defendant’s request for a trial adjournment, it opposed the plea for separate trials for Terraform and Kwon. The commission argued that both cases are intertwined, emphasizing the potential burden and inconvenience that separating them could impose on witnesses and whistleblowers.

The ultimate decision on the trial date rests with U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, who will determine when the controversial Terra founder faces the long-standing charges.

Key Points:

  1. Background of Legal Battle: In February 2023, the SEC initiated legal proceedings against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon, accusing them of orchestrating a “multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud.” The allegations involved an algorithmic stablecoin and other crypto asset securities.
  2. Deceptive Practices: The commission alleged that Kwon deceptively promoted UST to investors, misleading them about its stability and credibility. This led to significant financial losses for investors and triggered a collapse in TerraUSD.
  3. Kwon’s Evasive Maneuvers: To evade authorities, Kwon engaged in a series of elusive maneuvers, complicating the SEC’s efforts to bring him to justice. Eventually, he landed in a Montenegro prison on charges of travel document forgery.
  4. International Scrutiny: Singapore and South Korea have also launched probes into Do Kwon, seeking his extradition to hold him accountable for financial fraud. The international dimension adds complexity to the legal proceedings.
  5. Potential Strategies: Given Kwon’s reputation for strategic maneuvers, there is speculation that he might employ another strategy to delay or alter his fate in the coming months. His four-month sentence in Montenegro is expected to end in February 2024.
  6. Legal Consequences: If convicted, Do Kwon could face up to 40 years behind bars. The legal battle and its outcome will likely have far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency industry and its regulatory landscape.


The SEC’s approval of the trial delay for Do Kwon brings a new twist to the ongoing legal saga involving Terraform Labs. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, the outcome of this case could set precedents for regulatory actions against alleged fraudulent activities. The international scrutiny and the complex web of allegations make this legal battle a focal point for both crypto enthusiasts and regulatory authorities. The final decision on the trial date will shape the trajectory of this high-profile case, influencing the narrative around accountability and justice in the cryptocurrency space.

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