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Solana (SOL) Is Massively Parallel Allowing People to Build For the Future

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital stated, one huge way is parallelization.  Modern graphic cards are massively parallel, meaning they can run many processes at the same time. That’s exactly what Solana does.

More importantly, running parallel on the same parts gives you a forecastable path. So, if you’re building on Solana today, you can reasonably believe what aggregate throughput will be based on the current trajectories, all without sharding.

It’s that predictability and scalability that allows people to build for the future.  I think the feature is on Solana.  It is clear with Solana Model that many mass adoption products can be created on it.

For those who missed, ETH <> SOL token bridge is live and holds ~$200M+ in TVL and growing.

Wormhole V1 assets and Sollet wrapped assets will be deprecated in coming weeks in favor of Wormhole V2 assets. Migration liquidity is available to users who have V1 assets in connected wallets when using the token bridge UI.

Meanwhile, Saber HQ has moved incentives over for Wormhole wrapped tokens such as ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, BUSD, HUSD, DAI, USDK, and FRAX.

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Blockchain when talking about building better blockchains in Salt Talks 252 spoke about Solana.  When speaking at the story of Solana’s founding and recent exponential growth, he explained some of the company’s key distinctions from other blockchain protocols.

Yakovenko detailed about the differences between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, and also about Solana’s approach to security protection and optimizing for speed and high performance.

He laid out some of the next steps for the company and highlighted the game-changing nature of two Solana-powered companies: Serum and Star Atlas.

Serum is a protocol for decentralized exchange, which brings unprecedented speed and low transaction costs to decentralized finance.

Serum brings the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges to DeFi while remaining fully trustless and transparent.

Serum Token facilitates up to 60% off fees. And, 100% of the Protocol fees go to the benefit of SRM.

Serum provides for Peak 65,000 TPS, 400ms block times, and $0.00001 transaction cost.  Order books are fully on-chain, entirely limit-order based with the ability to choose price, size, and trade direction.

Star Atlas is the next generation gaming metaverse.  It is a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination and more. The metaverse is vast beyond imagining. Star Atlas is about exploring the depths of the universe, immersing oneself in spectacular living and experiencing the future.


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