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TCAT Set To Become Focus Coin in the Line of Stellar (XLM), IOTA (MIOTA), Tron (TRX)

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Sydney Ifergan, CEO at The Currency Analytics stated, “TCAT is all set to become focus coin in the line of Stellar (XLM), IOTA (MIOTA), Tron (TRX) by the end of the year 2019.”

At the time of writing the news, the price of 1 TCAT = 0.0254$.  The activity for the token is just beginning to catch up.  Developers are working on essential enterprise solutions to bring in a few upgrades.

By design, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.  The volatility of the tokens can many times be extreme, and the price can swing by huge margins in just a few minutes. 

The rapid swing from the bullish through bearish trends happen due to the influence of fundamental and technical information.  Prospective and existing investors make the buy and sell decisions in the crypto market, and the cumulative effect of the buying and selling sentiments of the investors is that which moves the trend lines.

So, how do buyers and sellers make their decisions? They look and respond to authentic information.  Authentic information can cause prices to soar, sustain in the midline, or even bite the dust.  

Investors are ready to put their money on to anything that comes with a value.  The white paper of “The Currency Analytics” backed by the “TCAT token” and “authentic news” brands the problem and solution factor by committing to provide authentic news.  Being an authentic “news platform” “The Currency Analytics” brings to its crypto investors authentic information that they can use to make their buying and selling decisions in the cryptocurrency market.

Investors buy TCAT tokens using BTC or ETH. About 400 million TCAT tokens are allocated to back the ethics that sustain the publishing of authentic news information.

You get authentic information about the different cryptocurrency offerings, their white paper facts, about the CEOs and people behind the token, breaches, scams, regulatory compliance and every little thing that should be considered when buying or selling a token.

TCAT token is very young; however, are optimistic.  Their barometers are set to provide investors with the most current cryptocurrency information available.  Information is powerful.  A piece of two-liner information can change the whole market topsy-turvy. A lot like the interesting Stellar Lumens use cases where the “payments move like an e-mail.”  Deloitte, Parkway, and Tempo have already built their innovative services on Stellar.

Stellar as a software sits as middleware between financial products and institutions in complete compliance and regulation. TCAT is all set to relay authentic information serving as a reliable bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the investors.

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