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Uniswap (UNI) Price Bounces Back: Will the Rally Sustain?

Uniswap Price

Uniswap (UNI) experienced a notable decline in its price across weekly charts. However, there has been a reversal in the trend over the last 24 hours, raising questions about the potential for a full-scale bull rally. While many cryptocurrencies were enjoying bullish momentum, UNI faced challenges, with its value dropping by over 7% within the last seven days, according to data from 21milyon.com.

Accumulation Phase for UNI

Despite the recent downturn, there are signs of optimism in the UNI market. Notably, a large investor, often referred to as a “whale,” seized the opportunity to accumulate more UNI tokens while the price was relatively low. According to insights from the cryptocurrency analytics firm Lookonchain, a whale withdrew a significant amount of UNI, totaling 86,467 tokens valued at $1.23 million, from the Binance exchange. This move sparked newfound momentum for UNI, resulting in a notable price recovery. In the last 24 hours alone, UNI’s price surged by more than 3.5%, reaching $14.32, with its market value surpassing $8.5 billion.

Selling Pressure on UNI

While the accumulation of UNI tokens by a whale has provided a boost to the cryptocurrency’s price, there are still factors contributing to selling pressure. Market data from Glassnode indicates that the Network Value to Transactions (NVT) ratio for Uniswap has recently decreased. A declining NVT ratio suggests that UNI’s value may be undervalued, potentially leading to a price increase in the near future. Additionally, analytics from Santiment reveal a decrease in the supply of UNI on exchanges, coupled with an increase in off-exchange supply. This shift indicates significant buying pressure in the UNI market, further supporting the possibility of a price rebound.

Overall, while Uniswap (UNI) faced a significant drop in price last week, recent whale activity and favorable market indicators suggest a potential reversal of fortunes. With accumulating evidence pointing towards an uptrend continuation, investors and enthusiasts alike will be closely monitoring UNI’s price movements in anticipation of a sustained recovery and a possible bull rally.

As the accumulation phase for UNI continues, there is also noticeable selling pressure on the cryptocurrency. Some traders who bought UNI during the recent dip are now looking to offload their holdings to lock in profits. This selling pressure could potentially hinder the price recovery and cause short-term fluctuations in UNI’s value.

Despite the selling pressure, market indicators still suggest a potential continuation of the upward trend for Uniswap’s native token. The ongoing accumulation by whales and the decrease in UNI’s supply on exchanges indicate strong buying interest and a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency in the near term.

The recent rebound in UNI’s price could also be attributed to the overall positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. With Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies showing signs of strength, investors may be more inclined to allocate funds to altcoins like UNI.

Furthermore, the upcoming developments and upgrades within the Uniswap ecosystem could provide further support for UNI’s price. Traders and investors are eagerly anticipating improvements such as Uniswap v3 and the implementation of layer 2 scaling solutions, which could drive increased adoption and demand for UNI tokens.

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