Home Altcoins News Will Robinhood Go all-in Helping DogeCoin (DOGE)?

Will Robinhood Go all-in Helping DogeCoin (DOGE)?

Will Robinhood Go all-in Helping DogeCoin (DOGE)

Matt Wallace Shared: Robinhood CEO just announced they have no plans to add Shiba Inu Coin. That means they are about to go all-in on helping Dogecoin.

Community Response:

Helping DOGE? Isn’t that manipulation? Them not giving enough crypto for investors to choose from is a bad part on them. And they never said they wouldn’t. Even then, $SHIB doesn’t need RH. It’s the other way around.

Then go on other platforms lol it’s that simple. I hold Shiba too, but it is what it is.

Not complaining about Robinhood. It’s the false info Matt is tweeting about.

That was the last catalyst for the Dogecoin copycat aka Shiba “fake” Inu. It’s now going to plummet. Sit tight.

SHIB doesn’t need Robinhood! All major and minor exchanges across listed SHIB! Let’s go #SHIBARMY.

Delusional helps in these situations.

TBH, Shib has more potential than Doge, SHIB has its utility and team, Doge is only begging for Elon’s Tweet.

Dogecoin has a team and Vitalik Buterin is backing Doge.

Been calling it this whole time. Shiba Inu is useless without their wallet. So a useless asset until then.

You have not done any research I see.

On Shiba Inu? Done more than the average bear. Robinhood doesn’t have a separate holder wallet. RB owns the tokens. Therefore, it doesn’t help Shiba and the holders. It helps Robinhood profit. So why do we need them?

The problem with anything in life is the good and bad. Crypto is not Robinhood nor is Robinhood crypto. All of them are gold-diggers looking for a pump and dump volume – care about Robinhood. Shiba Inu is moving in the right direction with or without the investment is all about patience.

Do you have proof of that because we don’t trust you?  No proof just FUD.

Repeated previous announcements, nothing new but SHIB flattered the back of her holders and will pay for it severely.

Lol, it’s great news for SHIB. I don’t think it’s great for DOGE. Since they are custodial, who knows if they hold the coins? Therefore, diluting the value. Also, because it’s a custodial wallet you need to sell it to move out.

At this point, this has to be political. You choose to not list it and lose a ton of money comes from having skeletons in your closet. There is a conflict of interest somewhere.

Who cares, SHIB has succeeded a lot without Robinhood. Robin is not an almighty platform.  SHIB moves, thus sounds a lesson to me, never depend on anything to be great.

Doge is Doge. No improvement. A nostalgic piece of history that may one day double, or simply travel in a steady upward trend with all of crypto.

Shiba Inu does not need Robin hood but yes Doge does need someone it can either be Elon or Robin hood. I’m all about doge, but your statement is misleading.


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