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Bitcoin Makes Steady Recovery Attempts After Brushing Off $33,717 Low


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin remains a constant focal point for investors and enthusiasts alike. Recent developments in the crypto market have seen Bitcoin grapple with a significant resistance level at $35,000, leading to a temporary downturn. Nevertheless, the world’s leading digital currency has demonstrated resilience by finding support above the $33,717 mark, hinting at the potential for a resurgence. In this article, we will delve into Bitcoin’s recent journey, examining the various factors at play and what this could mean for the cryptocurrency’s future.

Bitcoin’s Recent Journey

The recent performance of Bitcoin has been a topic of great interest and speculation in the cryptocurrency community. In its attempt to break through the formidable resistance at $35,000, Bitcoin initially faced a setback. It witnessed a drop below the $34,500 mark and even briefly touched the $34,000 threshold. However, as has been a consistent trend in the cryptocurrency market, a group of optimistic buyers stepped in.

At its lowest point, Bitcoin reached a price of $33,717. It is worth noting that despite this temporary setback, the digital currency has managed to maintain a position comfortably above the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average (SMA), which is often used as a technical indicator by traders to gauge the market’s health and trends. Currently, Bitcoin is showing signs of a gradual but steady ascent above the $34,000 mark.

The $35,000 Resistance Zone

The $35,000 resistance zone has been a critical level for Bitcoin in recent trading sessions. Resistance levels are price points at which selling pressure typically increases, making it challenging for an asset to surpass that value. In the case of Bitcoin, $35,000 has proven to be a stubborn barrier that has thwarted its upward momentum.

Bitcoin’s struggle at this resistance level can be attributed to several factors. Market sentiment, external events, and technical analysis all play a role in determining how traders react at such levels. In this particular instance, a combination of negative market sentiment and external factors likely contributed to the resistance.

Negative Market Sentiment

Market sentiment is often driven by news and events that can either instill confidence or fear in traders and investors. Negative news, such as regulatory crackdowns or security breaches in the crypto space, can lead to a decrease in market sentiment. In the case of Bitcoin’s recent struggle, negative sentiment may have played a role in pushing the price below $35,000.

External Factors

Bitcoin’s performance is also influenced by external events, including global economic conditions and geopolitical factors. For instance, macroeconomic uncertainties, like inflation concerns and changes in government policies, can impact the cryptocurrency market. Investors may turn to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a hedge against traditional financial instability, causing fluctuations in price.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a widely used method in the cryptocurrency market to forecast price movements based on historical data and chart patterns. Traders often look for specific patterns, such as support and resistance levels, moving averages, and trendlines to make informed trading decisions. The $35,000 resistance level was a significant technical barrier, and the inability to breach it indicated a bearish sentiment in the market.

The 100-Hourly Simple Moving Average (SMA)

One key technical indicator that has provided support for Bitcoin during its recent downturn is the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average (SMA). The SMA is a commonly used moving average that helps traders identify trends and potential reversal points in the market. When an asset’s price is above its SMA, it is considered to be in an uptrend, and when it falls below the SMA, it may signify a downtrend.

The fact that Bitcoin has remained comfortably above the 100-hourly SMA is a positive sign for those bullish on the cryptocurrency. It suggests that despite the short-term price fluctuations, the overall trend remains in favor of the buyers.

A Gradual Ascent

As of the latest data, Bitcoin is exhibiting signs of a gradual ascent above the $34,000 mark. This slow but steady recovery may be an indication of renewed confidence in the market, as buyers are cautiously re-entering the scene. However, it’s important to remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and price movements can change rapidly.


Bitcoin’s recent journey through the cryptocurrency landscape has been marked by its encounter with the $35,000 resistance level and subsequent dip below $34,000. While these price fluctuations can be unsettling for investors and traders, it’s crucial to view them in the context of market sentiment, external factors, and technical analysis.

The resilience of Bitcoin in maintaining its position above the 100-hourly SMA and its gradual ascent above $34,000 suggest that the cryptocurrency is not to be underestimated. The cryptocurrency market is known for its capacity to surprise, and Bitcoin’s ability to weather the storm at $35,000 demonstrates its enduring appeal.

As the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve, it’s important for investors and enthusiasts to stay informed and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Bitcoin’s recent performance is just one chapter in the ongoing story of digital currencies, and it remains to be seen how this narrative will unfold in the coming days and weeks.

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