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Bitcoin’s Big Move on the Horizon Following Rare Period of Low Volatility, On-Chain Analyst Predicts


Bitcoin (BTC) is currently navigating through an ultra-low period of volatility, a phenomenon seldom observed in its turbulent history. According to the well-known pseudonymous on-chain analyst Checkmate, this unusual calm suggests that Bitcoin is on the brink of a significant price shift. With the market waiting in suspense, Checkmate’s analysis offers valuable insights into what could happen next for the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s Unusual Stability: The Calm Before the Storm?

Bitcoin, known for its notorious price swings, has been unusually stable recently. Over the past month, BTC has oscillated by a mere 8.3%, a strikingly narrow range for a currency that typically experiences more substantial fluctuations. Checkmate, who has a following of over 93,700 on social media platform X, highlights this anomaly as a precursor to potentially dramatic movements in Bitcoin’s price.

“Bitcoin very rarely goes this quiet,” Checkmate notes. “The 30-day price range is separated by just 8.3%. There are two outcomes: 1) Bitcoin remains a stablecoin for a new paradigm, or 2) Volatility is just over the horizon.”

The current scenario leaves the market in a state of anticipation. The historical behavior of Bitcoin suggests that such low volatility often precedes significant market movements, though the direction—upward or downward—remains uncertain.

Key Indicators: What On-Chain Data Reveals

To decode Bitcoin’s potential trajectory, Checkmate turns to several on-chain indicators, including the short-term holder sell-side risk ratio and the short-term holder spent output profit ratio (STH-SOPR). These metrics provide a glimpse into the behavior and sentiment of Bitcoin’s short-term investors, who often play a crucial role in driving price changes.

Short-Term Holder Sell-Side Risk Ratio

The short-term holder sell-side risk ratio is designed to predict whether short-term holders are about to liquidate their holdings, which could trigger a price correction. According to Checkmate, the current low level of this ratio suggests that the market has already absorbed much of the profit and loss pressures.

“The Bitcoin sell-side risk ratio is one of my favorite metrics to help navigate volatility. When it trades lower (as today), it means all the profit and loss that was going to be taken, has been. The market needs to move somewhere to motivate the next round of spending.”

This indicator’s position implies that Bitcoin is potentially at a price bottom or the beginning of a rally, contingent on external triggers or market sentiment shifts.

Short-Term Holder Spent Output Profit Ratio (STH-SOPR)

Another crucial metric, the STH-SOPR, tracks the profit or loss levels of all Bitcoin moved by short-term holders during a given period. A reading above “1” indicates that coins are being sold at a profit, while a reading below “1” suggests sales at a loss.

Checkmate points out that Bitcoin’s STH-SOPR recently dipped below the “1” level but quickly rebounded. This quick recovery is interpreted as a positive sign for the market’s health.

“Some of you bought Bitcoin high, and are now selling it low…and it shows. Watch for STH-SOPR for a change in market character: Sharp slices below 1.0 and then recovery = Good. Sustained breaks below 1.0 = Not Good. Finding resistance at 1.0 = Seatbelts On.”

The current bounce back above “1” suggests resilience in the market and indicates that short-term holders are not capitulating en masse, which could signal a stabilization or potential upward movement.

Market Sentiment and Future Predictions

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $66,544, reflecting a subtle decline from recent highs but still maintaining a robust position within the broader market context. The broader crypto market’s sentiment appears to be cautiously optimistic, with many investors closely monitoring these indicators for clues about Bitcoin’s next big move.

Potential Outcomes

  1. Continued Stability: Bitcoin could enter a new phase of reduced volatility, behaving more like a stablecoin. This would mark a significant shift from its historically volatile nature and could alter investor strategies and market dynamics.
  2. Imminent Volatility: More likely, given historical patterns, is a return to higher volatility. The compressed trading range often signals that a substantial price move is imminent, either upward or downward. Traders should be prepared for potential rapid changes and adjust their risk management strategies accordingly.

Conclusion: Preparing for the Next Move

Bitcoin’s current period of low volatility is an outlier in its typically erratic price behavior. On-chain data and key indicators analyzed by Checkmate suggest that a significant price move is likely imminent. Whether this will be a surge or a decline remains to be seen, but the conditions are set for a potentially volatile market phase.

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