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Economist Alex Krüger Identifies Key Factors to Ignite Bitcoin’s Bullish Momentum


Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent dip below the $60,000 psychological support level has left many investors anxious. However, economist Alex Krüger believes several catalysts could reignite Bitcoin’s bullish momentum by the end of the year. With a following of 176,300 on the social media platform X, Krüger’s insights have garnered significant attention.

Current Market Pressures

Krüger attributes the current sell-off to two main factors: the German government’s crypto sell-off and the impending Mt. Gox repayments. These events have created a bearish sentiment in the market, causing Bitcoin to slip below the critical $60,000 mark.

Krüger acknowledges that these pressures will continue to weigh on the market in the coming months but emphasizes that they are finite. He remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s prospects towards the year’s end, citing five key catalysts that could drive a renewed rally.

Five Catalysts for Bitcoin’s Bullish Revival

  1. Soft Landing: Krüger is hopeful for a soft landing of the global economy. A soft landing would mean the economy slows down just enough to avoid a recession, providing a stable environment for risk assets like Bitcoin to thrive.
  2. Fed’s Cutting Cycle: The beginning of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cutting cycle is another significant factor. Lower interest rates typically boost investments in riskier assets, including cryptocurrencies.
  3. Crypto-Macro Correlation: Krüger points out that as the German government and Mt. Gox selling pressures ease, the correlation between crypto markets and macroeconomic trends will resurface. This correlation could help Bitcoin recover as broader economic conditions improve.
  4. Improved Regulatory Outlook: A potential victory for former U.S. President Donald Trump in the upcoming election could lead to a more favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies. Krüger believes this political shift could be a major boost for Bitcoin and the broader crypto market.
  5. FTX Creditors Inflows: According to Krüger, FTX is expected to pay its creditors roughly $14 billion to $16 billion in cash starting in the fourth quarter. If these funds are reinvested into the crypto market, it could provide a significant liquidity boost for Bitcoin.

Krüger emphasizes the potential impact of these inflows, stating, “FTX creditors should be ecstatic. They will start to get their money back in Q4, and Gox creditors are giving them a great entry.”

Bitcoin’s Price Projections

Analyzing Bitcoin’s price chart, Krüger predicts a period of consolidation around the $50,000 level. He expects Bitcoin to trade within the $50,000 range for a while, filling that area with trading activity.

Krüger identifies key support and resistance levels, stating, “On the downside, we’re looking at $52,000, and $48,000 – $49,000 if we see extreme Gox-driven selling pressure. The low $40,000s make little sense to me in a no-hard-landing scenario. On the upside, we have the 200-day moving average (DMA) at $58,500. A bounce back to the 200DMA seems most likely. Aggressive sellers will re-engage there.”

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $55,282, down over 4% on the day. While the current market conditions may seem daunting, Krüger’s analysis provides a hopeful outlook for Bitcoin investors. With these catalysts in play, Bitcoin could see a resurgence in bullish momentum, potentially driving prices higher by the end of the year.


Bitcoin’s recent price movements have caused concern among investors, but economist Alex Krüger’s insights offer a ray of hope. By identifying five key catalysts that could ignite a renewed rally, Krüger presents a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s future. As we approach the end of the year, these factors could align to create a more favorable environment for Bitcoin, potentially leading to significant price increases. Investors will be watching closely to see how these developments unfold and impact the broader crypto market.

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