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El Salvador’s Bitcoin Venture Surges: Profits to $85 Million Amid BTC Rally


In a strategic move that has paid off handsomely, El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury is now reveling in an $85 million profit amid the recent surge in Bitcoin prices. President Nayib Bukele’s visionary decision to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021 has proven to be a lucrative move, with the nation’s crypto holdings now exceeding $200 million.

Bukele’s strategy initially faced scrutiny when Bitcoin experienced a sharp decline from its peak of $69,000 in November 2021, plummeting to as low as $16,000 during the subsequent bear market. This downturn left the portfolio in the red, prompting questions about the viability of El Salvador’s Bitcoin-centric approach.

However, the tides turned in February when Bitcoin prices surpassed the dollar cost average of $42,600, bringing the portfolio back to break-even. With the recent rally propelling Bitcoin prices to a new all-time high above $72,000 on March 11, El Salvador is now enjoying a substantial profit.

As of March 12, President Bukele announced that the crypto treasury’s success extends beyond profits from Bitcoin appreciation. Additional revenue streams include income from the country’s passport program, earnings from converting BTC to USD for local businesses, proceeds from BTC mining operations, and revenue generated from government services.

El Salvador’s innovative approach also involves a migration law, enacted in December, offering expedited citizenship to foreigners making Bitcoin donations toward government social and economic development programs. Furthermore, the nation established its first Bitcoin mining pool in October through a partnership between Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology.

The entire Bitcoin portfolio, comprising 2,861 BTC, is currently valued at an impressive $207.3 million. If Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory and reaches $100,000, El Salvador could potentially use the profits to settle loans owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Venture capitalist Tim Draper suggests that the nation might soon achieve financial independence.

As Bitcoin prices soared to new heights, reaching an all-time high of over $72,000 on March 11, El Salvador’s crypto treasury flourished, registering an impressive $85 million in profit. This monumental achievement underscores the efficacy of President Bukele’s visionary approach and highlights the transformative power of digital assets in reshaping traditional financial landscapes.

In a bold move to further integrate Bitcoin into its socio-economic framework, El Salvador enacted a migration law offering expedited citizenship to foreigners contributing Bitcoin donations towards government-led development programs. Additionally, the nation unveiled its inaugural Bitcoin mining pool in collaboration with Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology, signaling a commitment to harnessing renewable energy for sustainable crypto mining practices.

Beyond the realm of investment returns, El Salvador’s embrace of Bitcoin has paved the way for innovative government initiatives aimed at harnessing the full potential of cryptocurrency. President Bukele’s administration has leveraged Bitcoin revenue from various sources, including the country’s passport program, conversions to USD for local businesses, Bitcoin mining endeavors, and government service fees.

President Bukele, who secured a landslide victory in the February Presidential election, has been a vocal advocate for the transformative power of Bitcoin. Despite initial skepticism, his strategic decisions are now positioning El Salvador as a trailblazer in the realm of cryptocurrency adoption.

As the world watches El Salvador’s crypto experiment unfold, the nation’s financial diversification efforts are proving resilient and forward-thinking. With Bitcoin’s potential to bring economic stability and independence, El Salvador is poised to become a noteworthy success story in the evolving landscape of digital assets.

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