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Sharks and Whales Are Buying Up Bitcoin—Here’s What It Means for the Market

Buying Up Bitcoin

Amid fluctuating market conditions, large Bitcoin holders, commonly referred to as “sharks” and “whales,” have been actively increasing their Bitcoin holdings. This strategic accumulation by major investors suggests they view market downturns as prime opportunities to buy, potentially setting the stage for future price surges.

Significant Accumulation Amid Market Volatility

Data reveals that Bitcoin wallets containing at least 10 BTC have collectively added a substantial 154,560 BTC over the past five months. This significant increase underscores the confidence of large investors in Bitcoin’s long-term potential, even during periods of market instability.

The latest analysis from Santiment, a well-regarded market analytics firm, highlights that this trend of accumulation by large investors began during a market decline in October 2019. Despite the market upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic disruptions, these investors continued to buy, eventually pushing Bitcoin to a new all-time high of over $60,000.

Historical Context of Whale Behavior

The mid-2022 market environment saw a drastic shift as rising US interest rates led to widespread market sell-offs, dragging Bitcoin prices below $17,000. This period of intense selling persisted until December 2023, when sharks and whales resumed their accumulation strategies, likely in anticipation of institutional investment influxes. Notably, this renewed buying activity preceded the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024, a development that many believe could significantly boost Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption and market value.

Recent Trends in Bitcoin Holdings

The addition of 154,560 BTC over the past five months is a clear indicator of significant accumulation by large investors. Historically, such behavior from sharks and whales tends to herald a bullish phase in the market, with rising prices often following periods of heavy buying. Conversely, when these holders begin to sell off their Bitcoin, it typically signals the onset of a prolonged bear market.

Long-Term Holder Activity

In addition to the activity of sharks and whales, long-term holders of Bitcoin have also shown noteworthy trends. About 50% of Bitcoin’s total supply from holders who have kept their assets for 1-2 years has remained inactive for over a year. This inactivity suggests a strong reluctance to sell, indicating these investors’ confidence in Bitcoin’s future appreciation rather than seeking short-term gains.

Market Implications and Predictions

The strategic accumulation by large investors and the steadfastness of long-term holders suggest that Bitcoin may be poised for a fresh peak in the near future. Market experts predict that this new peak could occur between October 2024 and March 2025, driven by the continued influx of institutional investments and the positive sentiment surrounding recent regulatory approvals.


The current accumulation trend by sharks and whales, combined with the long-term holding patterns, paints a promising picture for Bitcoin’s future. As large investors continue to buy during market dips, it signals their confidence in Bitcoin’s enduring value and potential for substantial gains. If history is any indication, these trends could precede a significant bullish phase, setting the stage for new market highs.

For investors and market watchers, understanding these dynamics is crucial. As Bitcoin’s landscape evolves, the actions of large holders provide valuable insights into potential market movements. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the crypto space, keeping an eye on these trends can help inform your strategies and expectations.

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