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Trojan Mining Unveils Hydro-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility, Aiming to Lead the Charge in Nigeria

Trojan Mining

In a groundbreaking move, Nigerian startup Trojan Mining has announced the development of a hydro-powered bitcoin mining facility in the country. The company recently unveiled its locally-produced mining container designed to house a 500-kilowatt (KW) bitcoin mining site, featuring 150 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin mining units.

Trojan Mining’s Vision for Bitcoin Mining in Nigeria

According to a recent Forbes report by Abubakar Nur Khalil, Trojan Mining is on a mission to establish itself as the foremost bitcoin mining farm in Nigeria. The startup’s CEO, Yassar Siyanbola, expressed the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the African crypto mining sector.

Hydro-Powered Bitcoin Mining: A Game-Changing Initiative

The move towards hydro-powered bitcoin mining is a strategic one, especially in regions with limited access to consistent power. Trojan Mining’s initiative aligns with the broader trend of African crypto miners leveraging technology to bring affordable and reliable electricity to remote areas, despite regulatory uncertainties.

Building Momentum in Africa’s Bitcoin Mining Landscape

Trojan Mining is not the only player in Africa’s budding bitcoin mining landscape. Last year, Kenya-based Gridless secured $2 million in funding from Jack Dorsey’s Block and Stillmark, showcasing the increasing interest in crypto mining ventures on the continent. Trojan Mining’s CEO acknowledged receiving guidance from industry experts, including Marshall Long of Rhodium Enterprises and Gridless.

Trojan Mining’s Growth Trajectory

The journey for Trojan Mining started with a modest setup—less than a dozen Innosilicon miners and a single Antminer S9 unit. This initial setup boasted a combined hashrate of 296 terahash per second (TH/s) dedicated to the Bitcoin network. Now, with the unveiling of the hydro-powered facility, Trojan Mining has set its sights on a larger 1-megawatt (MW) facility, collaborating with strategic partners to achieve this ambitious goal.

Towards Sustainability and Independence

Trojan Mining’s strategic vision extends beyond the immediate project. The startup envisions establishing a mini-hydro plant within the next five years or sooner. This bold move aims to make the entire mining farm carbon-neutral and independent of the country’s power grid, signaling a commitment to sustainable practices in the crypto mining industry.


Trojan Mining’s hydro-powered bitcoin mining facility marks a significant step forward in Nigeria’s crypto landscape. As the company strives to become a leading player in the bitcoin mining sector, its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability set a precedent for the future of crypto mining in Africa. The unveiling of the locally-built mining container is just the beginning, and Trojan Mining’s trajectory will undoubtedly be closely watched by industry enthusiasts and stakeholders alike.

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