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Latest Cryptocurrency News: Ripple Hires Facebook’s Former Executive


From the recent cryptocurrency news at this moment is the Ripple’s move of hiring Facebook’s executive for a major role. Ripple has announced its plan of an organizational change which is central to its goal of making major cryptocurrency. As Ripple continues its journey towards domination, sudden modifications are being made to make all the visions possible.

According to Ripple, they have recently acquired an expert from the world’s largest social media platform to do work for them. The said move by the Ripple is an expert one for both the industry and for Ripple. The company also announced in an interview that Kashina Van Dyke is the team’s new Vice President of Business and Corporate Development.

With the illustrious and vast experience of Van Dyke, it is expected to make positive results in her new role in the company. The new Senior Vice President started her career as the New York’s Membership Sales & Business Relationship Manager for the Business Council. Within her three years of service in the Business Council, Van Dyke decided to move to another company where she became Buyer and Manager of the company.

She then continued to make a name in the industry for the past nine years. She was once the board member of the MasterCard way back in 2009 where she then became the SVP and Global Manager. The newly hired member of the Ripple also worked in Dubai and UK before she then moved back to the US as the Director at Facebook.

With the decision of the company of hiring Van Dyke, it was said to be the top scoop for Ripple and the top news about Ripple this week. Aside from Van Dyke, the company also hired more members for its leadership team. Ripple also hired David Schwartz as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer. This move is a decision made to promote Schwartz who also ran his own company.

Talking about Schwartz, Ripple decided to promote him due to its experiences working in various positions such as Director of Network Services, Senior Network Engineer and a Soft Development Director. He also worked at WebMaster for a decade before he finally decided to work with Ripple. This move by the Ripple is said to be a real advantage for the company. With the new appointment of the two high caliber professional, it is expected that Ripple will soar high in leadership in the industry of cryptocurrency.


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