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Year 2022 will be the year of Algorand (ALGO) DeFi

Year 2021 was a year to remember for the Algorand ecosystem.  Positive Expectations are brewing for 2022 in...

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Why is Algorand (ALGO) Gaining Traction?

The response form the Algorand Community has been amazing for Decipher. Those who have involved with blockc...

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State Proofs a New Solution Coming to Algorand (ALGO) Early Next Year

Algorand Expressed:  “With State Proofs, Algorand is the first blockchain to provide post quantum security....

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Why Algorand? There is no Concept of Gas Fees on ALGO

The solution for NFTs lies outside of Ethereum.  The gas situation will not be fixed anytime soon.  This is...

Altcoins News

Sophia the Robot on Algorand (ALGO) for AI Powered NFTs

Sophia from Hanson Robotics is the latest humanlike robot. Sophia runs in collaboration with the AI dialogu...

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